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[LINUX] HOW-TO get Live TV with VDR working in XBMC for Linux
alwinus Wrote:Have you only one DVB Card? If yes it is possible the other channels are blocked, can you try VDR with the dummydevice plugin http://phivdr.dyndns.org/vdr/vdr-dummyde...-1.0.2.tgz and switch inside VDR under Settings->DVB->Frontend to another one.

For the MythTV selection inside settings, it is not programmed now and without function.

Best regards,


i downloaded the plugin... can you help on how to compile it?
You don't necessary need the dummy device plugins if you actually managed to get a picture at least once.

You have to change in the plugins Streamdev-server
Suspend behaviour                  Offer suspend
PHP Code:
Suspend behaviour                  Always 

Smile ... i got that part (it didnt work), i meant the part with the dummydevice ... obviously with only one card the local vdr consumes it, so any remote machine can not change any of the channels, excpet to those on the same transponder.

btw which connection is the xbmc frontend using VDR-to-VDR or HTTP??
i noted another thing, for some reason xbmc does not pick up any newly added channels from vdr.. i had first scanned one sat to test on, and that xbmc picked all its channels, but then i added another sat (i have diseqc with 4 lnbs) but those channels did not show in xbmc ?! any thoughts on that..
go to ~/.xbmc/userdata/Database/ and delete MyTV1.db I think it's called.
Running XBMC on my HTPC, tablet, phone and pinball machine.
Always read the XBMC online-manual, FAQ and search the forums before posting. Do NOT e-mail Team-XBMC members asking for support. For troubleshooting and bug reporting, make sure you read this first.
freezy Wrote:go to ~/.xbmc/userdata/Database/ and delete MyTV1.db I think it's called.

thanks that did it Smile

JayJay: actually i turned off the HTTP server from streamdev in vdr and that actually did the job (with also changing the suspend behaviour to always) but it only works for like once or twice and then my xbmc machine just goes into 100% cpu usage and the vdr box only flicks off for 1 second and then keeps playing on - i.e it does not suspend (i have both screens on split view on my tv)

i have to reboot the xbmc box and then it all works for like selecting one channel and then thats it.

besides, it takes like 5 seconds to open that channel
Maybe try to stop the channels before changing to a new one, your VDR some time doesn't get that your are switching channel throught streaming .... but it could also be point 5.

If it take about 5 sec it is almost normal, because :
1. VDR have to tune to the channel
2. SC have to decode it and found the key
3. There is a supplementary delay because it is streaming (to your xbmc ), so it has also to be a little cache on your xbmc

Try to see if tuning to a FTA (Free to Air) channels it come faster ....

4.And you shouldn't turn off HTTP server in Streamdev-server (because streamdev-server should be using HTTP server and not VDR-toVDR to stream to xbmc)
5.And also try to set Max connection in Streamdev-server to the maximun ex: 999

[CODE](Max no of clients 999)[CODE\]

Good Luck

[EDIT 2]
BTW: there is 2 scripts (python) to be use on xbmc (i have the original xbox 1 and use it daily ) to have VDR on xbmc without modying anything:
- streamdev 0.2 for xbmc
- xstreamdev for XBMC
both are python scripts that you have to edit and change your VDR ip address according to your setup.

hotzenpl0tz Wrote:@philter:
VDR uses xine for vdapu decoding - the xbmc implementation uses streamdev-server and probably just passes on the undecoded stream to XBMC, so any hd decoding has to be done xbmc side I would say.

Yes this is the case. VDR it self does NO decoding. This is done either by any media player via streamdev-server (VTP or HTTP) or by a Plugin like xineliboutput, xine (needs patches to libxine) and softdevice (direct ffmpeg implementation - very fast). If you own a Hardware FF (full-featured) DVB Card, the card will doing the decoding of mpeg2 (but only mpeg2). There are also several extren decoding cards like drx3, they work with plugins too.

I would like to know.. i have an FF card (Nexus-S), do i still need to do the part for FFmpeg and Xinelib ??
Quote:I would like to know.. i have an FF card (Nexus-S), do i still need to do the part for FFmpeg and Xinelib ??

I don't think so because

Quote:I'm using a budget card which doesn't do any decoding at all, so we have let the CPU do it.
Quote:For testing VDR without XBMC already
so it is only necessary for him in order to have VDR running without using dummydevice (to fake a FF card) and for testing WITHOUT xbmc, like that he can watch VDR in xine.

So you probably need only:
- xbmc with the VDR patch
- VDR + streamdev-server
  • with a FF nothing else
  • with a budget card either dummydevice or FFmpeg + xinelibout or something as it (dxr3 plugins or em84xx plugins) to have VDR start without a FF card (his runvdr script contains "-P'xineliboutput -l none -r 37890 -p' \" (for VDR to be able to start without complaining about not finding any frontend)
have you try to change the Max Number of clients in streamdev-server to see if it solve your problem when you switch channel ??
im reinstalling all now.. just in case i missed something .. will report back with results Smile

so, do i also need the V4L ?? as far as i understand this is also for budget cards?
Yep the v4l is the new linux driver for ALL dvb device and other video device as well (such as webcam and so on ...), but if your card is recognized and load at startup, you might don't even need it, to check if needed, do a dmesg after the reinstall and check if you FF card is loaded (or rmmod dvb_ttpci, rmmod stv_0299 then modprobe dvb_ttpci and do a dmesg again to see if successfully loaded you should see message saying find Frontend .... find tuner ..... card Hauppaugge rev ....)

To have it work:
1. Install and verify that VDR is running with your FF & with the plugins streamdev-server (And i guess SC if you want to see something else then FTA channel)
2. install xbmc with the VDR patch to received and display the channel XBMC need to be connected to VDR only with streamdev, whatever kind of card you have.

you don't need dummydevice or xinelibout or dxr3 or any of those thing, if you have a FF card (those plugins allows VDR to find a frontend and start successfully without a FF card)

Good luck

Been using xbmc in my xbox for years (when xbox lauch the 1st xbox, I softmod and flash the original chip from my xbox and use only xbmc in it, i think i have never play a game with mine Wink )
Been using also VDR for 10 years (that is what have bring me to linux, first place)
So I know all that things but never tried to tied them togeter except through python script

do not hesitate if need more help

i was trying to compile vdr, these are the steps i've done:
1. installed V4L and this what i got from dmesg | grep -i dvb
[    8.098493] saa7146: register extension 'dvb'.
[   12.341252] dvb 0000:01:06.0: PCI INT A -> Link[LNKB] -> GSI 19 (level, low) -> IRQ 19
[   12.341293] firmware: requesting dvb-ttpci-01.fw
[   12.420807] DVB: registering new adapter (Technotrend/Hauppauge WinTV Nexus-S rev2.3)
[   12.896114] dvb-ttpci: info @ card 0: firm f0240009, rtsl b0250018, vid 71010068, app 80f12623
[   12.896118] dvb-ttpci: firmware @ card 0 supports CI link layer interface
[   12.944170] dvb-ttpci: Crystal audio DAC @ card 0 detected
[   13.220620] DVB: registering adapter 0 frontend 0 (ST STV0299 DVB-S)...
[   13.221177] input: DVB on-card IR receiver as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:08.0/0000:01:06.0/input/input6
[   13.221433] dvb-ttpci: found av7110-0.

2. skipped the FFmpeg & Xinelib (since i have an FF card)
3. did the install VDR 1.7.2 as per steps but have the following comments:
a. this line gives some sort of a selection menu which the guide does not explain on how to go about:
sudo checkinstall --fstrans=no --install=yes --pkgname=vdr --pkgversion "1.7.2-5ubuntu2-0"

b. i skipped the part for the standalone testing (again FF card do not need it)
c. went into the streamdev part which all went ok except:
i. that the following line asks for a password (which if not supplied will create one)
cvs -d:pserver:[email protected]:/var/cvsroot login
ii. these two lines are missing one /streamdev in their path
sudo cp streamdev/streamdevhosts.conf /etc/vdr/plugins/streamdev
sudo cp streamdev/streamdevhosts.conf /etc/vdr/vdrsvdrphosts.conf
they should have been
sudo cp streamdev/[b]streamdev/[/b]streamdevhosts.conf /etc/vdr/plugins/streamdev
sudo cp streamdev/[b]streamdev/[/b]streamdevhosts.conf /etc/vdr/vdrsvdrphosts.conf

4. got the w_scan, but really did not use it since i already have a channels.conf and besides im using dvb-s which guide did not say anything about scanning and i skipped looking for how-to for now

5. the start VDR points to opening /usr/local/bin/runvdr which i could not locate (did not exist) so i sudo nano'ed one but obviously that will not do it, and of course the sudo runvdr does not do anything

im currently patching XBMC on my other machine and will feedback as soon as i figure out how to run VDR Smile
to run VDR make a script calll runvdr :
(that is mine)

VDRCMD="$VDRPRG -c $VDRCONFIG -w 60 -P'sc' -P'streamdev-server -r /data/vdrconf/plugins/streamdev/externremux.sh' $*"

KILL="/usr/bin/killall -q -TERM"

DRIVERS="rmmod cx88xx
rmmod dvb_ttpci
rmmod budget_ci

modprobe dvb_ttpci
modprobe cx88xx
modprobe budget_ci"

while (true) do
eval "$VDRCMD"
if test $? -eq 0 -o $? -eq 2; then exit; fi
echo "`date` reloading DVB driver"
sleep 10
echo "`date` restarting VDR"
adapted according to your config

then sudo runvdr will do something (for now you are lauching a blank script Wink )

After what you could tried to connect your xbmc to your VDR
(don t forget about all the settings for streamdev to work correctly & if your xbmc is not in the same box you should also edit the streamdevhosts.conf to allow connection from other computer from the network)

Until next problem Wink

all the others things seems OK

it is not
sudo cp streamdev/streamdev/streamdevhosts.conf /etc/vdr/plugins/streamdev
sudo cp streamdev/streamdev/streamdevhosts.conf /etc/vdr/plugins/streamdevhosts.conf

hope it is a typo in your post

for the part
adapt to where you have install VDR
and for
for your config it seems to be
you could compile and use one of the VDR pack that other user might have distribute (they have been heavely tested by some of the community, with all the patch and all...)

and config pack

from alien2924 from http://dvbkivabien2.info forum specialized in DVB (win and linux)
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[LINUX] HOW-TO get Live TV with VDR working in XBMC for Linux14
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