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Themes for PM3.HD
Ok, to start off I am so sorry I kept everyone waiting for a skin that didn't really pick up to well. I have ditched the creation of the Tempest skin, and I decided to focus my efforts on what I am actually decent at (graphics/theming). I realized that there is no way my skin would amount to much if some of these other wonderful skins I see being released aren't taking off well at all (wont name names). XBMC has lots of skins and not enough themes to customize the end-users experience anyway.

I have been REALLY busy in the past months. My family is falling apart, I have had to deal with the loss of my mother, I moved 3 times in the last 8 months and I am now looking at moving again etc. New PC etc. etc.
I'm not looking for sympathy just simply explaining just how hectic life has been lately.
So once again sorry everyone!


I have started a new subversion project called XBMC Themes or XBMC Themes SVN. Right now I am the only one working on this project. I plan on bringing themes to many of the popular skins for XBMC, though right now my main focus is the default skin (PM3.HD).
Stay tuned to this thread for updates and new theme releases.

PM3.HD Themes (WIP)
SVN address:
NIN Beside You in Time.HD-
SVN address:
Code: Beside You in Time.HD/
Hardy Heron.HD-
SVN address:
Code: Heron.HD/
SVN address:
Marvel Comics.HD-
SVN address:
Code: Comics.HD/
Intrepid Ibex.HD-
SVN address:
Code: Ibex.HD/
More themes coming very soon!
I like the last one, matches my living room...
I'll take em any way you want to put them out, but they'd probably get more use if people could just download and then drop them in their skin folder.

Life keeps changin' and we keep learin'
Yeah, I thought I knew how to make some xpr's in linux but I don't. I don't have windows either so I will have to use a friends pc some time so I can make some WIP xpr's.
Until then I am going to zip all these graphics and upload them to my google code page. I also have some psd's to give.

UPDATE: The zip'd files are uploaded to my google code page. Remember that these are WIP's, so please don't tell me that they are incomplete 'cause I know this. I will update the page daily (if it applies) and the old outdated zip's for that theme will be deleted PERMANENTLY.

These files can be added to the image folders to make a xpr.
Thanks CHI3F!
That's for windows right? Will come in useful once I get to a windows PC, but that may be a few days.

I want to get my own SVN set up for theme development. If someone is willing PM me if you can help get an SVN set up.Wink

Really good stuff!
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Nice work. The only reason I wouldn't download a few of them is because of the Labeling. For instance I really like the look of the NIN skin however I'm not to hip on the NIN on the skin. Don't get me wrong I dig NIN, but its just trying to keep that clean look without throwing unneeded labels on them.

I really and I mean really like the look of the Intrepid Ibex.HD one too.
use googlecode for svn.

also I agree with kizer you should remove non-xbmc labels.
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@IllumiNaughty: run a virtual machine either with windows or with dos instead of getting another computer for it Smile
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Thanks for the positive feedback guys.
@ Kizer & rwparris2 - I will do what I can about those logos/"labeling".
I personally like the way everything looks with themes like the NIN theme. I may ask if there could be a skin setting in the PM3.HD skin so that the user would be able to select "use custom logo" or "use XBMC logo".

@ blittan - That is a great idea, and I would, but I had to use a USB stick install of ubuntu on my laptop because my dvd drive sucks. But if I can install windows in a VM without the need of a optical drive then i'll give that a try.

Love the themes! Would you be willing to share your build.bat and so on for building these? I'm hoping to make a couple themes for the xbox. Smile
I plan on getting this SVN going soon to help manage all of this better. Then it will have build.bat included.Wink
Until then you can use XPR Express found here in the Tools section.
Or use CHI3Fs link on the 1st page for a build.bat.
I am also taking requests/ideas for new themes. If I like an idea, then I'll do it.

UPDATE: The SVN is up and running, I hope everything works as it should.

The SVN address for PM3.HD themes is:

If you don't know how to use SVN click here.

Someone should give this a test run to see if it will checkout ok and build ok. Then let me know how it went.
Another theme is in the process of being uploaded to SVN.

SVN address:

*Give about 15 minutes to get it uploaded to SVN.*

I started making this theme because a good friend requested something like this.
I also plan on adding color themes that will match all themes.
Nightmare before christmas Wink For Christmas time of course. Muhahahahaha
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