feature request...
I would be happy as hell to see a skin setting that would allow the use of a alternate logo on the homescreen. It would give the end-user the ability to use a custom logo (included in a theme) or leave as is.

"Use default logo" (xbmc-logo.png)
"Use theme logo" (custom-logo.png)
Isn't that kind of the whole point of a theme to change the original graphics anyway ?
I'm not really keen on adding this as a feature Main reason is its branding and like I said if you want to change it in a theme just change the original graphic
But I assume you want a bigger dimension one
No, I wasn't clear enough.
There would be 2 logo graphics, the exact same by default.
When someone makes a theme they would only "theme" the custom-logo.png and leave the xbmc-logo.png alone.
The end-user would select
"Use default logo"(xbmc-logo.png) or "Use theme logo"(custom-logo.png)

I hope i'm being clear enough.
Hes basically responding to a request I had. He's been making some themes and I asked if there was a way to remove his branding because I didn't really want it and he thought he could look into allowing for a feature to turn his off and allow default logo.
Hmmm, I didn't expect it to be an ignored feature request like the people asking for WMA support in MC360 lol.
Oh well, I just thought people wanted the option to choose from the default logo or things like a NIN logo or Marvel logo (or future theme logos), since it was asked for.
Maybe a should make a fresh The Offspring theme and see if ole' jezzy wants this feature then.Laugh
I would hardly call it "ignored" I replied with a good reason as to why I think it is not needed just for themes (use the logo in the theme) if people really want or don't want custom logos then I say download your svn and make your own xpr but thats just My personal Opinion (which I guess is the one that counts Smile
Sorry if that came off a bit sarcastic. Yeah, I kinda figured the same as you. I don't care really for the feature myself since I like the themes just how I make em. I was just thinking more for the people who are not techies.

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