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Big Grin My first post in the forum, i'm from portugal so sorry for my english after all...

I really enjoy to edit stuff in xbmc, actually i have horizonz skin on my xbox it's pretty cool, simple and clean. I already edited vortex visualization by changing the standard xbmc logos and replacing them by xbox logos and other backgrounds, it's pretty cool now but yesterday i was decided to choose my own favourite presets in Milkdrop visualisation, cause the most of them are shity and annoying, so i did it, i unziped both preset folders selected a few cool ones and ziped the presets again and replaced the "zips" on the xbmc visualizations folder on xbox, i went to see how it worked out but the milkdrop only shows one preset and it's just one ugly one!! none of the ones i've selected are shown! is it something about the .vis file outside the preset zipHuh any ideas? Peace...
ok guys i found the problem, the problem is that i've RARed the Files so the xbox didn't recognized the presets, now that i've Ziped them it works fine, if u'd like to have this milkdrop acceptable presets i've have uploaded them here, just replace this Zip file by the both zips on milkdrop folder enjoy >
I get "file not found" error message:confused2:
yup me too
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Well guys sorry! Oo easy-share it's not that easy to share, lol! I've uploaded to another hosting site here > i've downloaded thousands of milkdrop presets but as all the other packs most of them are garbage - once i've have filtered them i will upload them also, cheers!!Big Grin
That works thanks will try it out later today
XBMC Frodo 12 - Windows 7 - Asrock Ion 330HT - Aeon Nox

Curious to see what other ones you post cause there is one I'm looking for and I'm almost positive it's a preset for milkdrop. Really clean and new, almost edgy and modern. Lots of bright colors on a white background. Maybe you know what I'm talking about.
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