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scan new content with multi-path source
Hi all,
i've noticed a problem when i want to "Scan for new content" if i use a multi-path source.

The problem occur when the scan start BEFORE the opening of the multi-path source is finished..

Possible solution: start the scan ONLY when the opening of the multi-path is finished, and not at the same time.

Can anyone correct this?
What problem?
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The problem is that when the scan start "before the opening of the multi-path", the scan doesn't work (it doesn't find the new files):


..then the scan msg disappears without results and the "opening multi-path source" window remain on the screen, xbmc is hanged here.

Otherwise, when the "opening multi..." ends BEFORE the scan start (ramdomly it works right).. the scan works perfectly.
Hi, any news about this problem?

(still present in version 9.04..... xbmc t3ch build)
I have been having the same issue. Very annoying. many times my xbox will just freeze halfway through the multi path scan.

if i open up the movie source that i had created the multi source openining goes complete. no issue. sometimes i do this first then go back to top level and run the scan again. it helps but not always.

sure hope a solution comes along.

PS i have roughly 1200 movies and they are over 4 directories.
this will NEVER get any attention as long as it is only in some random thread in the utter wrong subforum. if there is a bug, stick it on trac.
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