xbmc is great
xbmc is great, been watching movies on xbmc

there is one thing i dont like though but i have got used to it now, the mouse sensitivity

with check boxes are they enabled when the bullet point is white or blanked out, im using the standard skin, i think the option is enabled when the bullet point is white but i want to know for sure because in audio hardware i have digital enabled and i can have dolby and dts check boxes white or blanked out

also i have a couple of suggestions, how about an option to open movie files with xbmc, and also an option to restore all settings to default would be good

Don't use the mouse, some skins even doesn't support mouse. Use a remote, keyboard or mobile phone so you can use all features of xbmc.

White box meens enabled.

It is possible to open movie files. Or what do you meen exactly ?
Restore default settings - clear in userdata folder guisettings.xml.
Waffa Wrote:It is possible to open movie files. Or what do you meen exactly ?

I think he might mean, for example in Windows, when double clicking a Movie file, it Opens XBMC and begins playing.
its easy using the mouse, i have tried using the keyboard, only really like using the mouse, what remotes are compatible with xbmc?

yeah, maxim is right, would be nice to associate files with xbmc

also whats the best refresh rate to use on xbmc and everything else on my computer?

is it best to use the max supported? i think my lcd tv supports up to 75hz but at the moment i think everything is set at 60hz on my computer, what would be the best refresh rate to use and why?

and also i have an lcd tv that is 1080p and my computer is connected to it

on my desktop the resolution is 1024x768, if i have anything higher the writing gets smaller so things are harder to see

should i be able to set an option for 1080p in xbmc? and if i can will i be able to watch 1080p movies and have the 1080p quality? or will my desktop being 1024x768 prevent 1080p quality

i dont see an option to set 1080p in xbmc, i only see an option for 1080i

what is the auto option for, does that automatically detect your max screen resolution or does it auto detect desktop resolution and play everything in 1024x768?
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