xbmc web interface and picture playlist
(2015-08-13, 14:57)RaHa Wrote:
(2015-08-13, 14:45)dazzam Wrote: ... and opening them in the slideshow application on kodi.

I have finally worked out how to send a playlist to the screensaver slideshow, ...

Tell me more how!

When you go into the setting for your screen saver, there is an option to cache the image list (so the screen saver can start faster)
Then from the PC I go here: "\\\Userdata\addon_data\screensaver.picture.slideshow" (your IP address will be different)
The cache file will look something like this: 88c3fd926a1278cc1a067b487e2ad501
If you open this in a text editor, that respects carriage returns without linefeeds, it should look something like this:
[['smb://STAGE/Photo/XBMC_Screensaver/2008/20080107_S2_Raft.jpg', ''],
['smb://STAGE/Photo/XBMC_Screensaver/2008/20080111_8204.jpg', ''],
['smb://STAGE/Photo/XBMC_Screensaver/2008/20080111_8218.jpg', '']]

You can then copy into the texteditor, the image files that you want in your screen saver. Careful, if you have a single quote in the filename.
These days, I just use my image database program(IMatch) to create this file for me(scriptable), since we now know the format that the screensaver uses.

Of course on xbmc/kodi, you do not want to refresh the cache file now, or it will overwrite your work. (I'd suggest keeping a copy on the PC in case this happens.)
If you are keeping multiple image lists on the PC, when you choose one to use, you will need to copy it over the currently named cache file. I've noticed the cache file name changes occasionally.

This post probably should have gone into Picture Slideshow Screensaver
Many thanks! YES, that it is.

The filename of the index file 88c3fd926a1278cc1a067b487e2ad501 is the MD5 message-digest algorithm from the value of id path in the settings.xml.

- copy your file 88c3fd926a1278cc1a067b487e2ad501 or other one and settings.xml with KODI filemanger to your PC
- duplicate 88c3fd926a1278cc1a067b487e2ad501or the other one to filename 60a8d6267b2c1c11909191ff1773bcb0
- change the line <setting id="path" value="xyz" /> in the settings.xml to <setting id="path" value="thatismyplaylist" /> and save it
- copy 60a8d6267b2c1c11909191ff1773bcb0 and settings.xml with KODI filemanager back
- look, it works

- duplicate 88c3fd926a1278cc1a067b487e2ad501 or an other index file to filename 673a9633852ebd9097c881ed5285e710
- chane the line <setting id="path" value="thatismyplaylist" /> in the settings.xml to <setting id="path" value="thatismyplaylist2" /> and save it
- copy 673a9633852ebd9097c881ed5285e710 and settings.xml with KODI filemanager back
- it works

You have now only to change the settings.xml and copy back to KODI. The index files will be always stay in KODI and never overwrite because KODI can not find a path like the pathnames you use in settings.xml.

If you have no idea to get MD5 of your pathnames, let me know.
I've been running the following to get an auto-updating list for my images.
(i just add/change images via smb://)
import xbmc
from time import sleep
while 1:
  xbmc.executebuiltin('slideshow (/storage/pictures)')
  for seconds in range(minutes * 60):
I'd like to modify the "while 1:" to test if the slideshow is still running, but have been unable to find the right command.Sad

This would be 'if' I was checking the screensaver:

But I want to know if the slideshow is still running, and abort the script if the slideshow has been stopped.
(ie. If I've stopped the slideshow, I don't want the slideshow to start again in the next 5 minutes)
I have no experience with Python. I am studying here now: 232226 (thread)

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