[WINDOWS] HOW-TO control XBMC using EventGhost with the Microsoft MCE Remote
Any idea why EventGhost only seems to log when a new window is activated (or deactivated)? Nothing else gets logged. I'm running as administrator.
Thanx, it helped a lot Smile
Senor Valasco Wrote:Any idea why EventGhost only seems to log when a new window is activated (or deactivated)? Nothing else gets logged. I'm running as administrator.

Do you have any other plugins installed/enabled?

Also, you should ask this on the EventGhost forums, not here.
Have a question? First try the XBMC online-manual and FAQ. Also: How to submit a debug log
Hello all I will post this question here too:
I have a Asrock remote (nuvoton w836x7HG CIR) HID

My goal is to stop the built-in response of XBMC to my mce remote and define all the functions myself with eventghost.

I accidentally discovered that if I use this reg file with one entry, it disables all the buttons but the button press events are still logged in EventGhost. This is exactly the behavior that I wanted. The reg file is this:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
0c,00,00,00,03,82,00,\ ; Power - left at Windows default, use "04,04,3d" to send alt-F4

I also tried to use a reg file like this:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

I said maybe this will disable all the buttons, it did but the eventghost wasn't able to catch any events from the remote anymore. So for EventGhost to capture, it needed at least one key assigned, so I kept the power.

However this has caused one problem for me. All my keys now send an event to EventGhost except 0! The key 0 doesn't send anything! Any ideas?
I've followed all the instruction but all I obtain is to disable the remore both in windows and inside xbmc.

I'm using and Asrock System with Windows 7 and when I use EventGhost, it disable the remote.
Can you give me an hand on this, please?
It's not clear to whom you are talking. Did you follow my instructions or someone else's?
Zodler Wrote:It's not clear to whom you are talking. Did you follow my instructions or someone else's?

Sorry Smile
I followed the instruction in the first page
So Now I can help. It was very difficult for me to configure mine. Asrock is not a normal MCE remote. Because EventGhost has no plugin for it, you should not Disable HID service for this remote.

If you do that, you can never use it in EventGhost. First make your remote work again in windows, then do my instructions. Just apply that reg file and all will be good. This took me several days to make it work. Then in Event Ghost you add HID plugin with two HIDs of asrock! One HID captures half the buttons and the other, the other half. There is a third that you should not use because it gives different events with each press! Confused
xanadu1979 Wrote:If your remote has an "Exit" button, that should be mapped to the Escape key.

I don't get how to do this in Event Ghost? I have the "Plugin: Keyboard" listed on the right-hand side, but I can't add anything to it. And in the Actions list, there's no option for adding a keyboard action.

I'm having a problem with video playlists in XBMC. Once I view the playlist, I can't exit it with the MCE remote. I have the Back button on the remote set up to go back/close windows, but it simply won't work on the playlist screen.

If I hit ESC on the keyboard, then I can finally get out of the playlist. The trick is trying to get my remote to do the same thing.
Hi guy's!

Tricky question, but I hope someone can help me.
I had Eventghost and MCE Remote running perfect with XBMC.
I had to reinstall Win7, and therefore i made a backup of my setup file.

When Win7 is installed I install Eventghost and loads my previously saved setup.
But no events are discovered from the remote.
I get events if i uncheck the "Disable HID Service..." but then the remote wants to control MCE.

Am I missing some basic setup? PLS help Smile

How do i make a right click with eventghostHuh?
Great app! I ordered a generic VRC-1100 MCE remote and mapped it with EG + a VRC-1100.XML script for the RC's mouse pad. All buttons working and customized for XBMC!

Thanks for this piece of kit!
This looks complicated for a n00b like me but i'll try :p
(2009-03-08, 16:23)Henkske Wrote: Hello All,

I made a tutorial for myself so i thought that i could also upload it. I know that there are more tuts like this so please be kindSmile

Things i have installed:

Vista 32bit

Things you need:
An MCE REMOTE ( If you are not using an MCE Remote, the plugin for your specific remote may be available anyway, at step 4 below, simply look for your own remote, rather than an MCE compatible one.)

The XBMCRepeater plugin for EventGhost (more comprehensive than the plugin built into EventGhost, but may take more time to figure out. This guide will not lay out the differences between the two.)

Ok it's time to begin.

  1. Install Eventghost
  2. Start Eventghost as Administrator
  3. Click on Configuration and choose ADD PLUGIN.
  4. Now choose for Microsoft MCE Remote and click on OK
  5. You wil get an pop-up where you can adjust BUTTON TIMEOUT RELEASE (i just leave it at default.)
  6. Make sure you checked Disable HID service for this remote
  7. Now choose for XBMC and click on OK.
  8. Click on OK when the pop-up menu appears
  9. I personally prefer to disable the standard X10/Zoom Player/Winamp.
  10. When i press the MENU button on my remote i want the CONTEXT MENU in XBMC to showup. So i now press MENU on my remote and on the left part of the screen you will see the following Image
  11. Drag and drop the lightning icon to the corresponding XBMC key (CONTEXT MENU in this case). This is what you will get:

  12. Now you can repeat part 11 and 12 to link the correct MCE remote buttons to the correct XBMC commands.
  13. EventGhost must always be running in order to allow your remote to interact with XBMC.

Some buttons like UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT are already pre-defined by the Keyboard Emulator in the Context Folder. You do not have to add them. If you do you will get troubles in XBMC. (if you press down it will go down several times instead of 1x). You may still choose to define them, but be sure to disable the Keyboard Emulation folder.

NOTE: To more closely and comprehensively match the experience of using an old Xbox remote or to control XBMC remotely, use the XBMCRepeater plugin for EventGhost, which must be installed separately.

I hope this will help someone with setting up Eventghost.
Please be kind, i only did this to help people. Im no expert, started using eventghost today so maybe this isn't the ideal setup but im always open to learn thingsSmile


i5 4440 - H81 - 4X2 GB - 128 GB SSD - R7 240 - L42ET60D / S2240L - FiiO E10 - Fiio K5 Pro - Kali Audio LP6 - TinAudio T2 - BLON 03 - ATH-M40X - Anker Spirit X - JBL Flip 4 - Fenvi 9260 WiFi/BT 5 - Corsair K55/Harpoon - VS350 - Carbide 400R - Apple Shuffle 2GB + Fiio M5.
XBMC > KODI with the good old MCE Remote. 
Has anyone got hd-plex mce remote http://www.hd-plex.com/hdplex-internal-m...ntrol.html working with eventghost? I haven't even if I tried to do as in instructions above in this thread.

Here's some info about the remote:
-Native windows HID driver support, sames as USB keyboard, no additional driver needed. (So I suppose the remote is somehow preconfigured. Is this normal/good thing?)
- Standard RC6 Remote
-Support Logitech Universal Remote (MCE-1039 device in database)

And here the problem:
I tried to install the eventghost mce remote plugin first but eventghost doesn't show any logs appearing in eventghost log panel when I push any button from remote. Then I tried to install another mce remote plugin (if I recall, it's name was mce remote vista/win7 or something. Found that from the plugin list and decided to give a try) but had no better results. Windows media center does operate like a charm with the remote but what I want to do is that I can program a button from remote to launch xmbc.

I reinstalled eventghost and noticed after fresh startup that eventghost requires Speedlink SL-6399 MCE -plugin according to startup event log. I installed that plugin from the "add plugin" and finally got some results: when I push i.e num 1 from remote, eventghost shows that in log panel and I can drag that event log to work with an action of xbmc plugin (for example start xbmc.exe). When I push num 1 from remote, xbmc launch! But unfortunately when I push play, stop, pause or rewind or many other buttons, the event log panel shows different kind of log and I cannot drag that to right panel to work with any xbmc action. So I can launch xbmc but i can't control xbmc anymore. Before I installed eventghost, I was able to control xbmc but couldn't launch it. No it's opposite lol.

[img]http://s11.postimg.org/wat5dg0bz/eventghost_logs.jpg', '_blank');myWindow.focus();">Image[/img]

Some information about the pic: speedLink.DVD log with a lighting icon represents ummm I think somekind of dvd-menu button from the remote. The log (#3, 0, 19, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0 with an info icon) after spedlink.dvd represents play-button. Two next are stop and rewind. And last are num-buttons. I don't understand, why play, stop and rewind buttons are different and why I can't drag them to the right panel so that I can program my remote to function as xbmc launcher.
I am having a problem..EventGhost recognizes my keypresses and I set for instance the Enter button to do something..but in XBMC when I press enter it still performs the default action.

Do I have to disable the windows handler for my remote or something? Driving me nuts.

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