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[RELEASE] XBMC Zone Installer (Plugin)
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Program plugin to install plugins & scripts from

More details on my blog and here.

  • v2.4 (25 June 2010):
    * Italian translation (thanks to KymyA);
    * urllib.quote() error with French descriptions with Python 2.6 on OpenSuse (thanks to karaffa);
    * MediaStream_Redux skin;

  • v2.3 (11 January 2010):
    * error when install path contains "&" character, e.g. username is "Bart&Ernie" (thanks to erlichmen);
    * highlight addon version;
    * allow plugin to update itself;

  • v2.2:
    * add "Latest Add-ons" (Shannon);
    * new icons (Shannon);

  • v2.1:
    * display add-on version & date in the list (+ sort);

  • v2.0:
    * use data from XML feeds (instead of parsing the HTML pages);
    * new add-on info dialog before installation;
    * display add-ons in categories.

  • v1.2:
    * not showing add-ons with HTML tags in description;

  • v1.1:
    * use new "special://" paths if newer XBMC build (thanks to queeup);
thanks for the update. the download link wasn't working for me, but I went to your blog and found your google code page and downloaded it from there:

thanks again!

*must have been a temporary error. the original download link is now up.
It was probably that wasn't accessible then. I've added a link to the Google Code project as well, thanks.
Q: and T: directorys cause some trouble for me.Its trying to install root directory not user.
16:20:36 T:2754608016 M:571289600  NOTICE:
16:20:36 T:2754608016 M:571289600  NOTICE: os.mkdir (dir_path)
16:20:36 T:2754608016 M:571289600  NOTICE: OSError
16:20:36 T:2754608016 M:571289600  NOTICE: os.mkdir (dir_path)
16:20:36 T:2754608016 M:571289600  NOTICE: OSError
16:20:36 T:2754608016 M:571289600  NOTICE: :
16:20:36 T:2754608016 M:571289600  NOTICE: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/usr/share/xbmc/plugins/video/WinAmpTV/'
16:20:36 T:2754608016 M:571289600  NOTICE:
16:20:36 T:2754608016 M:571289600   ERROR: Scriptresult: Error

Some tweaks for install directory.
line 35-38
line 68
line 32
( "T:\\" )
( "special://temp/" )
Hi Queep,

I've developed & tested the script with Atlantis 8.10 - I tried it recently with a newer build and aside from the special paths change, I believe the plugins are not to be installed in the user directory rather the application one.

Thanks for your fixes, I'll see if I can make to work with both old and new paths, until the new version release, was that in april?

- Dan
Good site... I just upped 2 scripts.

If I may ask for a feature - Allowing screenshots would be nice too.
I'm not an expert but I play one at work.
Unfortunatelly the is not really being admined, but even so it's up and as you've seen is quite easy to upload addons, compared to where it took whole days till they approved the uploads and now it's been down for a while.

This is not their official installer, I wrote it simply to be able to install the addons directly from their website - the admin said they are working on an installer, some tried offered our help, nothing happened for a while...

I agree, would be nice if the addons would have icons - the only thing I could do is assign icons per type for plugins, while the same icon for scripts... You could post your suggestion on their forum (
Good thinking Dan, this will help make it easier to get plugins and scripts. Great plugin!

Thank you, sir, glad to see it was worth the effort.

Seems the site is getting better visibility and people have started uploading, that's pretty good.

Maybe will start hosting all plugins on their website (, actually they kinda do considering the SVN Repo Installer...
Well, accessing the SVN is kinda a pain in the butt, especially for your average user... but it's still the OFFICIAL XBMC repository, since most of the scriptors actually use it. I think someone should work on the XBMC SVN Repo script and have it setup so you can add additional file sources like your site and others. Navi-X did pretty well for downloads at so the site is definately a good source! I'll post a tutorial later on how to add files to the SVN.... took me an hour to figure it out!

I agree, It's not very easy, maybe all those repository xmls could be hosted on and then people could submit their repository urls.

I wrote my own repository definition and a small wiki page on how to install it.
Wheew, I finally implemented the changes, thanks to queeup and google :-)
Finally version 2.0 is out, using data from XMLs, not the website HTML pages, which is currently going through a revamp.

Took me a whole day yesterday to bang my head against the WindowXML and I'd use the opportunity to other people for writing plugins/scripts from which I could learn a few things, like Nuka1195 for Apple Movie Trailers plugin and Theater Showtimes and others, and last but not least the editors of the XBMC controls wikipages, to understand what the heck I'm reading Big Grin that WindowXML has quite a steep learning curve and can be quite frustrating for a begginer - I wish someone would spend sometime to write a designer application for these things (or is it one already?! :-)...
As linked to by your Wiki page, I've updated the XBMC "SVN Repo Installer" package to be the latest from trunk. v1.7

If you want more up to date docs, I suggest you use the "Python Docs Maker" script, (and if your really keen for the very latest coding functions, browse XBMC source repo)
Retired from Add-on dev
Not sure what we're talking about... you mean to get access to my google code repository?

Will do - do you know someone that could update the generated docs at - I use those sometimes even if generated a while back in October.

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