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"Arcade" a touchscreen friendly skin
Key Features:
Tightly integrated custom scripts/plugins
Touchscreen friendly
Arcade/Bartop cabinet friendly with special plugins
Simplified views (two views per window with an option to view media info)

This will be a slow process since i am no gfx designer.

I'll try and have some pictures once an issue with xbmc is resolved.

I thought i would post here to see if anyone wanted to do any gfx.
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you've got PM.. Smile
Could it be possible to use flash video as thumbs or as preview video?

I'm using hyperspin for launching roms and the launcher has very nice preview videos. I would love to see preview videos in xbmc.

like on this site
It's not currently possible, but there has been a number of requests for it earlier.
asphinx, answered pm.

preview videos would be awsome. hyperspin looks amazing. a little busy. how does it work in real life?

for preview videos. we could have multiimage display the individual frames of an exported video or mame has a feature to record in .mng format. if xbmc could support that. the downside is no audio.
For python coding questions first see
no audio might not be a downside though, I'm thinking it would need to fade in to NOT be to obtrusive and besides, what if a user is listening to music at the moment? Smile
Hyperspin is very difficult to setup, it is indeed busy and not so user friendly as xbmc. All games have to be manually added in a xml database. But it works great with roms, launches them full screen and goes back to the launcher when you exit the game. And almost every console and pc games are supported. I really wish xbmc can do the same in the future.

However Hyperspin uses an external launcher program to launch the roms. Maybe it could also be used in xbmc ?!?

Preview videos are great, good to see some actual gameplay. Yes, without audio would be better.

"Arcade" a touchscreen friendly skin00