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[RELEASE] Simple Podcast Plugin
Podcast plugin

Release 1.0

Works for countless podcast rss feeds.

To edit the podcast feeds you need to edit

addFeed(Name, Feed)

addFeed('I, Cringely', 'feed://')

Available Plugin Settings:

Thanks to Voinage for the HOW-TO write plugins for XBMC..

I allready use a podcast plugin, named Podcast2.

You can find it there:

Perhaps it needs some could help you i hope
afishe2000, good work on the plugin, however as a side note, you can add hundreds of podcasts to Navi-X in seconds... take a look at it if you haven't seen it already. If you seen it already, please don't be offended. Thanks.


I am using navi-x on my appleTV on the LCD TV but I'm also running a xbox setup on a old small screen standard tv using a large font, text only, enhanced version of the Empty skin which isn't navi-x compatible. It allows me to read the screen from across the room.

I just threw the plugin out there in case anyone else needs a 'text' only solution.

Thanks again,
That's gangsta! Very nice lil setup you got goin there! I gotta keep in mind a lot of users use a very customized version of XBMC or python scripts for different applications. Thanks for the incite.

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