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Media Info Plus - Manage your Movies, Shows, Tunes, NFO and more (Open Source VB.NET)
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Media Info Plus - The next generation of MIP is here!

Let me start with the most important part of this program, you!
- A Huge thanks to all the testers that helped fix over 400 items for this release Without you, MIP2 would be months away!
- Thanks to everyone who submitted bug reports and feature requests!
- Thanks for the ideas on gui changes and icons for the app
- And of course for the nature of Open Source, to those folks that helped with patches and changes!
Thanks to the dude who insisted on Music support! Without that push, I may have never put it in there!


What is Media Info Plus?
- Media Info Plus is Movie Info Plus rev 2

Where can I download it?
Grab the installer, install it, then download the update and patch it by extracting the contents of the archive to your install folder

Latest Installer Version - MIP 2.01 - build 2870

Newest Patch (May 2011) - Build http://sourceforge.net/projects/movieinf...z/download

------------- Old release notes ----------------
Latest Installer Version - MIP 2.01 - build 2870

This is all fixes post 2801 to 2860, 99% of things should now be working correctly.
This is the full install version of MIP
- Offical release rev 2.0.1 4/8/2009

Previous Versions - MIP 2.0.0 Initial Release rev
- March 18, 2009
- Mirror 1 - http://www.mediafire.com/?me5iimmmgij

Test build's
2861 is current and up to date.

Where do I get the Music Fanart Pack?
Grab the fanart pack

Extract it to
C:\Program Files\mediainfoplus\customimages\music\fanart

If you installed to a non default directory
<install folder>\customimages\music\fanart

Is this the same as Movie Info Plus
- Yes and no. Yes it's rev 2 of Movie Info Plus, with bugfixes and a ton of new features.

Can I use my cached information from Movie Info Plus with Media Info Plus.
- Yes, in fact I recommend that you do so you don't have to re-download everything

How to upgrade from Movie Info Plus
- Uninstall Movie Info Plus, this will leave all cached information
- Remove the config.xml file from the Movie Info Plus Directory
- Remove the temp folder from the Movie Info Plus Directory
- Rename the old movieinfoplus folder to mediainfoplus
- Install Media Info Plus to that directory

Does MIP support HD Flagging information for XBMC
- Yes, thanks to cptBry Video Flagging Support is contained in all .nfo files for Movies and Shows

How does MIP handle Music?
- MIP reads the ID3 tag for your Music, during the initial scan it creates a cache of that data, allowing for fast reloading and checking the file for any changes to it. It will automatically add any new files.

Should I run the music sort wizard to the same folder where my music currently is at?
- No, for the first time using it you should select a different folder. Everything is based off the ID3 tag information, if that tag is wrong it will put it into the wrong folder.

What the heck is it?
Movie Info Plus is a movie manager (so to speak) that uses images and data from websites such as TheTVDB, TheMovieDB, impawards, mediaicons, and IMDb. By default it knows about more then 50,000 different posters from impawards and 44,000+ Movies from IMDb.

It allows you to select the icon (wide, box shot, poster, square, and others) for the thumbnail posters/covers as well as the FanArt image. Movie and TV Show metadata can be modified and edited from the user interface. It also uses API's from alot of the same websites that XBMC uses, including themoviedb.org (a.k.a. TMDb) and TheTVDB.com, with images from mediaicons.org and impawards.com as well as meta data from imdb.com

It allows pre-caching of the icons, posters/covers, FanArt, and more (this will take awhile, it downloads alot of images from many locations, all images are then user selectable under the settings)

What does it manage right now?
Movies - Yup
TV Shows - Yup
Home Videos - It will support these once I figure out what I want to be able to do with them
Music - Yup

What are the requirements?
- Internet connection to download the data, you can move cached downloaded data and use it on a standalone or enclave network.
- Patience - it downloads alot of data and images and this takes some time
- While not required, NTFS formatted drives are recommended as FAT32 drives have limits to the number of files and folders and my app will reach those limits if you have a big collection
- If your hard drive is formated using Fat32, use the version that does not include the imdb cached data, it leaves out the 44,000+ additional XML files that are cached IMDB data. Fat32 is limited to the number of files and directory sizes. NTFS is recommended.
- Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista - 32bit and 64bit versions (thanks to the folks that helped test that part out and give feedback)
- for Linux, use wine 1.1.8 or 1.1.10+ (a cross platform version will be created using mono, but it not close to working yet)

How does it handle Media Organization

Movies by Folder Level (use folder name for lookups)
D:\Movies\ <-- Root Movies Folder (select this for folder level)
In my D: Drive under the folder Movies I have the following movies
D:\Movies\The Matrix\
D:\Movies\Action\Die Hard\
D:\Movies\KidsJunk\Flowers and Me\

Movies by File Name
E:\MyMovies\ <---- Root Folder housing a bunch of movies

TV Shows
D:\TVShows\ <-- Root Tv Shows Folder (Add this folder)
D:\TVShows\Chuck\Season 1\

What if i don't like it and want to change something or add a feature?
It's open source under the GPL, the SVN contains the full dev files that are needed. You will need your own API keys from themoviedb and tmdb to use it.

If you have a feature, feel free to request it, if it's not completely outside of the scope of the app, I will at least take a look into it. Feedback is the key.

Image Tagging
I've made up a bunch of default icons, you can add your own, match the same size as the defaults for best results. Put your own into resource\tagimages\default (in the folder you want them to be tagged under, i.e. DVD for DVD, etc.) Only 18 per type are displayed in the GUI, so i'd keep it to a max of 18 per folder or name the ones you want to be displayed with a 1_ first so they will be pulled first

To use the tagging feature, you must install Image Magick
Image Magick does need to be 6.4.8-3-Q16 or newer Version the (16bit DLL version)
Image Magick (32bit) - http://www.imagemagick.org/download/bina...ws-dll.exe

Image Magick (64bit) - http://www.imagemagick.org/download/bina...static.exe

during the install check the following option
"Install ImageMagickObject OLE Control for VBscript, Visual Basic, and WSH"

Supported OS
Windows 2000, XP, 2003 Server, Vista, (maybe 2008-untested)
Wine 1.1.15 (or higher recommended) for Linux / Mac support
x64 support (Vista and Windows XP 64bit)

Is MIP Portable?
Yes, the only thing used for the registry is the installer. You can move the entire directory to another location or machine.

Is there an update version for Movie Info Plus?
With all the changes in this version, the installer is the best way to ensure you have the files and folders you need to run MIP.
Place Holder for Screen shots for MIP

New Features to Media Info Plus 2.0.1

Movie Poster resizing and compression

Skin based media flaggin
MIP reads all your media information, in such, there's nothing stopping it from putting that data into xbmc. I noticed that Aeon is using information from the filename and started looking for where I could inject the data into the .nfo so that a skinner could display information graphically, without having to touch the filename and providing details about the media.

For Movies, it will store the data in the <studio> tag..
For TV Shows, the rating is modified to store a number reference to the studio, studio data in xbmc is incomplete.
For Episodes, it will store the data in the <director> tag..

What data is it storing? ... the basic flagging data for your media, which can then be used in xbmc.. real full support is in work by captBry.. in the meantime this should work out nicely.

Will it work with Aeon?
- yes, thanks to djh_ it works with Aeon!

Will it work with Serenity?
- Yes, thanks to digitalhigh it's fully supported.. he also included media images, covers, disc displays, inserts and inlay along with the other information about your movies, shows and tunes.

Could it work with skin .... ?
- Yes, if they look for the data in the database it will be there.

What's the video resolution options?
New resolution list
SD, 480i, 480p, 540i, 540p, 720i, 720p, 1080i, 1080p

here's how it figures out the size part
- First it will match exact sizes and return the result
- If the size is not exact, it will take the display aspect ratio, calculate from the video data what the display on screen will be, and determine what output resolution is was geared for (with a buffer of ~2%)
- If that doesn't match a standard resolution, it will fall back to checking the width
--- If current width of video file is < 20 Then it will not put anything in there"" 'anything less then 20 is too small to be anything
--- If current width of video file is < 641 Then it will return with the resolution of "SD"
--- If current width of video file is < 853 Then it will return with the resolution of "480"
--- If current width of video file is < 961 Then it will return with the resolution of "540"
--- If current width of video file is > 961 And current width < 1281 Then it will return with the resolution of "720"
--- If current width of video file is > 1281 Then it will return "1080"

It checks the media file for interlaced or progressive scan.. basically if it not's flagged progressive, it's interlaced.

Channels are return as 2ch, 6ch, 8ch, mono
6ch is 5.1 surround
8ch is 7.1 surround
Mono is mono, there's prob others that are returned, depending on your media

DTS, AAC, and others are also returned

all subtitle streams in the movie file are included, format is sub + 3 character language code
subENG, subSPA, etc... (there's a ton of different ones returned, hundreds)

Codec Information is also now included in the tag.

Got examples?
here's some examples from .nfo files I ran on test data

<credits>Walt_Disney_Pictures - 1080p h264 AAC 6ch subeng subspa</credits>
<credits>Warner_Bros._Pictures - 480i xvid 2ch subeng </credits>

<director>%director info% + netCBS - 540p Divx DTS 6ch subeng </director>
<director>%director info% + netThe_CW - 720p AVC DTS 6ch subspa</director>

Fanart compression for movies shows and tunes

Fanart Resizing with center fill, from 1600x1200 to 1920x1080

After - Notice AR is maintained, center fill, proper widescreen from a desktop image Big Grin

New Movie Selection during initial scan for a movie. (requires build 2802 or higher)
More then 1 movie was found, please pick it.
(and in the default color - blue sky)
Test build notes and changes since build 2882 (2.0.1 release)
- No new test builds at this time

Latest Version - MIP 2.01 - build 2882
Install 2870 - http://www.iamkizer.net/xbmc/mip/MediaIn...taller.zip
Extract the updated exe files from 2882 patch - http://www.iamkizer.net/xbmc/mip/mip_288...lesonly.7z

previous version

This is all fixes post 2801 to 2860, 99% of things should now be working correctly.
This is the full install version of MIP
- Offical release rev 2.0.1 4/8/2009

Here's the change list for 2.01 (compared to 2.0.0 (build 2801))
- fixed -- Fixed mip not saving updates to .nfo files
- fixed imdb parsing, should no longer result in junk in the text
- fixed autopilot not saving images
- fixed cert field by showing the same text as imdb shows with a / between each item
- changed credits field to only pull the partial data (matches xbmc scraper function)
- fixed error on refresh of imdb data
- changed auto-pilot media update only to just update the status, speeding things up abit.
- added movie poster compression options
- added movie poster resize options
- fixed netnetnetnetnet issue with episodes
- enabled the "." and "_" options to be disable for file level items
- fixed studio wasn't loading from movie.nfo (this was that weird bug, squashed now)
- fixed certification not always being loaded
- fixed autopilot overwriting studio when it should not have
- added - added fields to gui for studioreal tag (this is the studio in gui, studioreal in .nfo file)
- added - tag field, this shows what's acutally in the studio tag in the .nfo file
- added - certification field, to show the certification data in the .nfo
- fixed - media sometimes crashed when loading a file with no width in the video stream
- fixed - lockup during media read
- fixed - crash during autopilot when reading network media that times out
- fixed .nfo being created when it was not suppose to be created.. was an error in which config value it was looking for
- added movie fanart size to toolbar, both in the toolbar, and under the tools menu
- added poster size to the picture box for movie (both folder.jpg and the tbn)
- added config option for tv shows to use either poster or wide image (default wide)
- includes all other fixes and changes from 2801
- movie mpaa and certification fields should now be created .. these are not yet appended to studio field
- mpaa rating should show for current movie, certification data should be in config only at this point, need to add to the gui for that field, xbmc will not use that field, but it will be used for skin based flagging by adding to studio area as outlined by jivetalker and digital high
- fixed the problem in actors is the role and not the name.
-- role is now cleaned up
-- changed -- Also, I renamed the button "Move to Folder" .. that's the new button that lets you move a file level movie to it's own folder auto magically.
-- fixed, error when reloading imdb data when clicking on refresh little green button
change - TV Shows Episode change to where the tagging stuff is going
added - Command line parameter to force an update is -nfoupdate
change - Ran cleanname on title and on actor name, that should strip out or change chars to something human readable.. well hopefully
change - Resized actor thumbs to a larger, actually visable size
added - Added full credits info -- you'll need to delete your imdb cached data
Director field for episodes now contains
all other tagdata

Ran cleanname on title and on actor name, that should strip out or change chars to something human readable.. well hopefully
Resized actor thumbs to a larger, actually visable size

Added full credits info -- you'll need to delete your imdb cached data
--- Exit MIP and either remove or rename C:\Program Files\mediainfoplus\cache\imdbcache
- updates and changes to how media info is stored, and where it's stored
- skin based tagging support update
fixed - fixed subtitle data for skin based media flagging support.. it was missing the prefix of "sub"
Here's a build of MIP with the .nfo updates working (at least for movies, didn't test shows yet, but should work in theory.. you'll need to enable the option under the general tab "skin based hd flagging support" and you'll want to overwrite your existing episode .nfo's (and then remember to turn it back off), the studio option is updated to include the latest (41), that option is under the tvshows tab.. save studio in rating..

For movies, you can run autopilot with the update media information option to update the field data.
- fixed button that does nothing, removed
- fixed tvshow.nfo that is invalid causing an unhandled exception
- added skin based flagging support for movies and tvshows
- updated media information display to show what's being embeded into the .nfo for skin based flagging
changed - changed auto-pilot so it doesn't look quite as bad when it's running
fixed - fixed invalid xml chars in music files cause cache loading to fail
added- added check to downloader for 0k files, it will now check all downloads to make sure there are no 0k files left
fixed - X264 items not parsing correctly (movies)
added resize and compress to show fanart (untested)
- fixed music fanart selection error introduced in 2811
- fixed music cache loading errors that would cause it to freak, after first load it should be able to load 2000 files in about ~ 5 seconds.
- added bubbles gui color option
- fixed music fanart failed to load
fixed - fixed episode images for tvdb
added - added 2 additional gui color schemes (wicked red and wicked blue)
added - added command line update for tvshow episodes, requires that you first have scanned the show in MIP or it'll bomb out
added - music fanart resize for xbmc (automatic change when selecting it via option in settings)
added - extract image from music file to album art
added - added returned name from htbackdrops to fanart label for fanart images
fixed - sort wizard buttons missing text for some display color schemes
added - studio field to rating field option (for digitalhigh's skin)
fixed - when you set the TV Show Language to something diff to "en" it is back to "en" in the dialog when you go back into settings
added - add 0k file size check for episode images
added - command line options for tv show updates
added - fanart resize and compression options, requires image magick to work
- htbackdrops music fanart support (you will need to enable it in the configuration under the music tab)
- option to rescan episode added
- option to ingore folder (add file named "noscan" (with no extension) to the tv show folder and MIP will ignore everything there.
- episode media info doesn't always update, fixed so to speak.. issue is in filename of show, check for -1 x1 e1 (or - and a number, x and a number, or e and a number after the real information for the show.. ie. bones.s1e01.helloworld-2short.avi will fail. -2 (before short.avi) tells it's a multipart episode.
- fix - in movie name messing up on movie selection screen.
- added cancel option to download dialog
- changed download dialog to pop center screen
- fix don't download or use images for tv shows, not recommended as xbmc will try to go get one from tvdb if you don't have one, but it'll work correctly
- new movie detection when manually going through them.. after the usual checks for .nfo's it'll search imdb and give you the option to pick the right movie. Gives details on the movie and a poster (if available) from tmdb so you get a visual as to what it is.
-Fixes getting started wizard error when music is added to the wrong list.
How do I install test builds?
Test builds are only the .exe file, extract the .exe file from the zip archive to your install directory.

HD Flagging versus HD Tagging
HD Flagging support for xbmc is in work by cptBry, there's a thread here in the forums with additional information.
MIP's portion of this is to read the information about your movie/show and put that data into the .nfo file.
When xbmc supports it, it will read that data as well as all the other information and images about your movie/show.

HD Tagging, that's putting an image on top of the poster, or episode thumbnail to give you a visual about what it is.
For file level mode in xbmc, this is the only option.

The GUI .. what's with the blue, i love/hate it.
There are 6 different gui color schemes currently available. You can change between them in the setup and configuration options dialog, under the general tab.
I would make others, but ran out of color ideas that didn't completely look "off"
So two things I removed the old version.

Removed the folder.

Installed the new version.

Ran it on auto

See the end of this message for details on invoking
just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box.

************** Exception Text **************
System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at movieinfoplus.MediaInfo.getdata(movie& currentmovie, String moviemode)
at movieinfoplus.maincollection.autopilot(String primary, String secondary, Boolean posterTru, Boolean fanartTru, Boolean tbnTru, Boolean nfoTru, Boolean overwritenfoTru, Boolean replaceexsistingfolderimage, Boolean mediaonly)
at movieinfoplus.maincollection.autopilotfromform(String primary, String secondary, Boolean posterTru, Boolean fanartTru, Boolean tbnTru, Boolean nfoTru, Boolean overwritenfoTru, Boolean overwritefolderjpg, Boolean mediaonly)
at movieinfoplus.autopilotdialog.startautopilot()
at movieinfoplus.autopilotdialog.btnStartProcessing_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e)
at System.Windows.Forms.Control.OnClick(EventArgs e)
at System.Windows.Forms.Button.OnClick(EventArgs e)
at System.Windows.Forms.Button.OnMouseUp(MouseEventArgs mevent)
at System.Windows.Forms.Control.WmMouseUp(Message& m, MouseButtons button, Int32 clicks)
at System.Windows.Forms.Control.WndProc(Message& m)
at System.Windows.Forms.ButtonBase.WndProc(Message& m)
at System.Windows.Forms.Button.WndProc(Message& m)
at System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.OnMessage(Message& m)
at System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.WndProc(Message& m)
at System.Windows.Forms.NativeWindow.Callback(IntPtr hWnd, Int32 msg, IntPtr wparam, IntPtr lparam)

I get that error every time it gets near Casino CD2.avi

thanks fekker, guess i'll wait and start with this!
Just a small suggestion (thats making me go crarzy).

At the top of the movie info you have this:

Save | Reload | That floading arrow

Anyway to add a confirmation to the reload, cause I keep hitting it over the save button;;;; argh....
The errors have been fixed, as well as a few last minute changes to the initial configuration.

MIP build 2800 is being compiled and will be available in a few minutes.
Looks got I got no errors this time.

The only thing I can't find is how to bring up the poster and fanart at the same time.

I have not idea how that HD flagging works as I'm not seeing it on any of my HD movies

But all works good and that confirmation buttton works great.
testing the 2800 build woot
Been a silent user, but now I just gotta say, wow just awsome, really awsome. Thank you!!!
I appreciate and respect all the work you have put in to this. Thanks.
I love your program. Nod

Are you still working on porting it to mono? The performance in linux on wine with .net is rather poor. I'm putting up with it tough, since your program is geat. But I'd prefer if it would eventually be able to run natively on linux - someday.
Of course for now the new functionality has more priority (even for me).Wink
There is a problem with the initial configuration wizard. When it asks for Tunes (mp3) folder and it ask you for the folder, you click the add button and it adds the folder to the Movies list. LOL did you copy the buttons and didn't change it's functions? Not biggy anyway
SebaSOFT Wrote:There is a problem with the initial configuration wizard. When it asks for Tunes (mp3) folder and it ask you for the folder, you click the add button and it adds the folder to the Movies list. LOL did you copy the buttons and didn't change it's functions? Not biggy anyway

I noticed that last night too, just thought I had f'd something up. After the initial setup I had to get back in the settings and fix.
dbone1026 Wrote:I noticed that last night too, just thought I had f'd something up. After the initial setup I had to get back in the settings and fix.

That was on my list too! Smile
Jive talkin, just isnt a crime
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