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Run a Script at shutdown..
i made a python script that shuts down my media server over LAN...

now i want that if i power off the xbox that the server also shuts down...
i need to run the script automaticly when i turn off the xbox...

can someone tell me how this works?

(sorry for my BAAAD english Confused )
Welcome to the forums.
There's currently no mechanism for running scripts at shutdown. Please fill out a feature request ticket on trac.
You can start your script with your remote.

If you use a harmony remote, create a button with 2 commands.
check this, what i added some time ago
it add button in pm3 , where you could select shutdown xbox or shutdown xbox+nas,
and there is script to shutdown lacie nas

if you change your own script rename it to ShutdownNAS or change script name in PM3

Run a Script at shutdown..00