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XBMC on Windows won't install plug ins
So I just installed XBMC, via the download button on the XBMC home page. I assume this is the "latest" version. Irritated that this version is bugged since the SVN thing didn't work, I followed instructions ( to fix. (someone should make this default by the way; I shouldn't have to manually fix it..)

Now, when I click on SVN Repo Installer, I see a list of things to install under the Video folder (youtube, G4TV, etc). But when I double click to install, I get Error installing item errors. This happens for ALL plugins. What is going on??
update svn:
i DID update SVN. in fact, that link you gave me is the same link I put in my post. as such, I have already done this. it still doesn't solve the problem.
What is the version of XBMC you are using? You need a recent one in order to use if with the last version of SVN repo Installer.
Eventually post some logs, if will be easier to understand what is really the pb in your case.
For time being you can use the Installer Passion XBMC for installing script and plugin, but it won't give you the exact content if the SVN repos since it is a different server.

Repositories Installer: select and install unofficial repositories / TAC.TV: watch videos on TAC.TV
Installer Passion-XBMC: Download and Install Add-ons (pre-Dharma only)

1. i have found no intuitive way to see which version of XBMC i'm using. All i did was go to XBMC's main website, and download and install XBMC YESTERDAY. so i would *hope* that is the latest build....

2. how exactly do you find the log files? can't find those either...
If you downloaded it from the homepage you got an old version.

New version can found here:

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