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No Icons visible - Only Text
I have uploaded the XTV skin to my Xbox which has latest version of T3CH. When I switch to the XTV skin all I see is the text and no highlights as I scan the menu so I do not know where I am. Also no icons are visible!
I must be missing something, can someone point me in the right direction.
You need to compile the XBR in the media folder.
Can you help me out a bit, how do I do the compiling and where do I get the XBR and how do I put it in the 'media folder'?
Sorry if this is obvious but it is not to me.
I have the very same XTV Skin loaded on another Xbox and it works fine. It is on a different Xbox that I seem to have this problem. So, maybe it is something else?
Not sure why it works in one and not the other. If you go to a windows computer and browse out via command window to the skin directory you'll see a file ending it .BAT. Just type that file name in and it will automatically create what you need.

No Icons visible - Only Text00