Editing the main menu selections? - e.g. changing 'Programs' to 'Games'

I've just started using this XBMC weith this skin and it's amazing! Bear with me, I'm a total n00b:

How difficult would it be to switch the 'Programs' selection to say 'Games'? I did a quick search here and only found that your Games are added under the Programs menu.

Could this done by just be editing the 'Programs' button picture file in photoshop? Where would that be located in the skin directory?

Thanks! Smile
You're going to need to change it in the xml files, not the graphics. Check the wiki. There's a walk through for this exact thing.
thank you so much...i will read up!
2-7offsuit Wrote:http://wiki.xbmc.org/?title=HOW-TO:_Edit...o_My_Games

That's for Project Mayhem 3. To do it in Mediastream go to skin> Mediastream > language > English > and open strings.xml. Go to line 10 and change "Programs" to "Games." If you want to change the little "Use your" text to something else go to line 18 if you want to change "Use your" to "Play your" or something similiar.
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Editing the main menu selections? - e.g. changing 'Programs' to 'Games'00