XBMC Lyrics in latest SVNs
Under the latest SVN build (r18978), I was able to redownload the XBMC Lyrics script from the SVN Repo Installer and it runs fine in the scripts menu. However, it doesn't start from the button on the OSD. Anyone having any luck getting this to work?
This is still happening under r19082. Anyone have any ideas?
You have to modify the includes.xml in mediastream to point to the new lyrics script:

<include name="MusicVisLyricsDefaultNonXboxOnClick">
<onclick>XBMC.RunScript(special://xbmc/scripts/XBMC Lyrics/default.py)</onclick>

I opened up includes.xml in notepad, searched for 'lyrics' and modified the file.

I love the 1.7 Lyrics script.
After a bit of a battle with this skin + lyrics tonight, I found this after actually reading some XBMC dev doco (GASP!).

For Linux users:

<onclick>XBMC.RunScript(special://home/scripts/XBMC Lyrics/default.py)</onclick>

Edit: BTW this is for people like me who have installed the XBMC Lyrics script via the SVN installer.
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