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[HELP] Video library node names..
Within the video library there is two windows that I don't know how to specifically call on. Normally I can use container.content(genres), (movies), (seasons), ect.

The two that I don't know their container name, if any, are the main library view that has movies, tv show, recently added, ect. in it. The next one is the windown once you click on movies that it lists genres, studio, director, ect. I just want to assign a specific background image to these windows, but I don't know the container.content name. Thanks for the help.
since they don't list any specific content, you can't detect it using content type.

IsEmpty(container.folderpath) -> root
CompareString(container.folderpath,videodb://1/) -> movie stuff

[HELP] Video library node names..00