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How to partiton 500gs
I'm sorta a noob with modding but im learning fast. So far i haven't F'ed anything up and i don't want to, but i fear that if i don't do this next part right im going to hurt later in the long run.

Right now i have my xbox modded with an 80g harddrive and xbmc. I want to put a 500g harddrive in it and i know i have to use xbpartitioner to do it right. I'm not really sure what the different clusters mean (32 cluster or whatever)
Can anyone that has done this give me step by step instructions or direct me somewhere that has it already?
I put xbpartitoner on my xbox hdd right? then partition it from their? thats kinda weird.
You'd get faster answers if you asked this over at xbox scene. Modding questions are very rarely answered here.
ok thanks i'll post over their
You could use partition magic in XP.
Thanks for dragging up a 6mo old OT post.

How to partiton 500gs00