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[REQUEST] More discreet volume control
So far, I love the new skin.
But could it be possible to add another volume control notice. I think it is now to big and to central. Maybe you could add a window in the left top.
For now, the "Mute"-Window overlays a big part of the screen if its activated.

Another question: How to enter the "black" Settings menu as I could see in the Tour and the Trailer?

Thank you _djh
I think someone mentioned that this black settings menu (similar to the one where you can choose the view mode) doesn't exist in the current release.

But as I think it looks nice I'd like to see that one in a later release as well if possible :-)
Havn't some other people the same problem with the big "mute" Notice?
It's a fair point. Will need to be designed, though, so don't expect it tomorrow. The big black shutdown menu was a coding monstrosity so it was banished. A cross between that and the context menu is on the cards, though.
Okay that sounds good, thank you.

[REQUEST] More discreet volume control00