iTunes AirTunes / Airport Express Client Support (XBMC frontend)
I really like this idea of an AirTunes style feature...

My home setup consists of a Win2008 Server with about 2Tb of content. I have TV, Movies, Pictures, Music and RecordedTV.

Lounge: XBOX, Panasonic Plasma 46" running 1080i with animation off, Networked. Using Yamaha Amp multifuntion remote to control XBOX, TV and AMP. Wife acceptance = 10/10

Family: XBOX, LG CRT 66cm Widescreen 480p, Networked.

Office: Vista, 19" Widescreen, Phillips Amp

On occasion we have parties at our place, and I currently have to turn up the Louge amp really loud to fill the house with music, this means that it is almost impossible to have guests in the Lounge as it is to loud.

If I was able to play the same content from 3 installations of XBMC at the same time, it would effectivly be like having a Sonos or other solution that would cost over $2000!

I would assume that ONE XBMC would become the master, and just broadcast/multicast sync info: "Im playing smb://server/music/Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up.mp3" and I am at 34.3sec"

I would be happy if each XBMC had to be configured the same (eg same paths to shares etc).

Offtopic: My XBMC Wishlist:
Unified PVR with EPG- Supporting DVBWS ( - Best Recorder ever
LiveTV support via HDHomeRun (if they are ever released in Australia)
XBMC Endorsed Hardware: eg Mobo X, CPU y, Video z.
GoogleEarth additions for GeoTagged Pictures from my Library
Games - Emulation without fuss, library view not Platform view
I'm looking for exactly same kind of feature. From my previous post:
I have been using an app called iXBMC which monitors what track is playing on iTunes and plays the same track on XBMC through samba sharing. Sadly it seems that no one is developing the app and it has some irritating bugs. Does anyone know a way to integrate iTunes and XBMC? I am looking a similar functionality that airtunes and airfoil give.

I'm looking to do do something similar,

Since Apple now have the iPhone remote I can talk to the machine upstairs and I'd like to use xmbc as a choice to stream to, alongside the Airport Express in the bedroom and the one in the kitchen, instead of having to get another express unit


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