Show movie Info after a predefined time

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Z3rO Offline
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Hi djh_,

first off, aeon is great. It looks really nice on a 50" plasma TV. Big Grin

I'm missing just one thing:

Would it be possible to switch from showcase to the movie info view when a predefined time is passed, just like horizons does?
Lets say you stay for 5 seconds on a movie, then let it switch to the movie info automagically. And if the user is pressing left or right the scrolling would continue.

That would be great.

Thanks for your efforts

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quebert Offline
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I 2nd this, I just finally got home and was able to install Stark today and I'm just getting into it. I LOVE it so far, all the movie views are very nice and what Z3rO is suggesting would be awesome. Man this skin made me forget about Mediastream, I almost feel bad, like I cheated on my wife or something lol.
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Hitcher Offline
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The To-Do list
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