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[MOD] "The Operation" PM3.HD Mod
**UPDATE** 8.1

I know it has been awhile since I updated and it anything major but I did put in come of the latest features and cleaned up somethings. More to come hopefully, but it has been tough for me to find the time to get it all done properly.

-Added recently added windows for movies & tv shows
-Added background loading for home menu and put in Jezz's new layout for selecting backgrounds.
-Animated weather icons and changed the deualt images on the homepage to change with weather condition.
-Coding for native flagging on all levels.
-Jezz's native flagging on info screen and a new layout for my DVD Slide view for flagging.
-Changed the look of the PM3.HD-Aeon homepage. Now shows more of the background and flows better.

Just some simple features, but I think it adds a lot to the skin. Let me know if anyone finds any bugs. Enjoy

**UPDATE** 5.23


-Added proper coding for Tv show networks and icons for the majority of the popular Tv networks.
-Fixed coding of the DVD Slide views to go along with new build.
-Added Music Cover Slide view for songs and albums.
-Added about 20 new studio icons for movies. Slowly getting them all in.
-Added Brushed Carbon Fiber Theme.

**UPDATE 5.15**

Nothing special, just put on the weather script option back onto the main weather window. Also added a few more studio flags and fixed a few self found bugs.

Thanks everyone for your input and comments. Please let me know if there is anything else I could do because I have hit a creative block again.

**UPDATE** 5.12

-Fixed Videos buttons. It didn't go to Video files previously.
-Added option to add Favorites to PM3.HD-Aeon home screen.
-Fixed some scroll issues in skin settings.
-Changed Video defualt backdrops to better match each home screen with Favorites now in both of them.
-Added about 15 new studio icons. These are slow for me to add because I position each one individually. I am going to try and do a few everyday until I get them all in. About 70% right now.
-Added DVD & CD cover overlays to main screen video information.
-Added new watched overlay to TV section.

**UPDATE 5.10**

Since I have been making changes over the last couple of weeks, I decided to just list all current features and changes.

-Full support for wide banners & poster style icons for TV Series (Skin Options)
-Movie studio flagging in Fanart View
-MPAA ratings in most Movie and TV Series views
-Video flagging for xvid, divx, dvd, & bluray. Pulls from file name. (ie. moviename.bluray.mkv)
-DVD & CD cover overlays
-New DVd Slide views for Movies, Tv Series, & Episodes.
-Redesigned the majority of views.
-Option to set scripts for weather & trailers on home screen. (Skin Options)
-Replace Trailers with Videos on PM3.HD home screen.
-PM3.HD-Aeon Hybrid home screen. Also comes with options to select which buttons show and submenu option. (Skin Options)
-Video infomation screen in DVD Slide views that pops up after a 5 sec. delay.
-Quick jump to genres in Movie section
-Quick jump to songs, albums, artists, & genres in Music section.
-Option to set genre fanart. Put images in medi/genrefanart and name them according to your genre names.
-Movie director images. Put movie director images in media/moviedirector and name them according to your movie directors.
-Use script or weather page selection on home menu. (Skin Options)
-Use XBMC logo instead of The Operation. (Skin Option)
-TV channel flagging. This is a complete work around. I really only listed about 50 shows that I currently have.
-Weather fanart based on current condition. Set weather fanart folder inside skin settings for home screen background. Image packs can be found in the forum or PM me for mine.
-Option to put Favorites button on PM3.HD home screen. (Skin Options)

This is the majority of the options and changes. I got to give a big thanks to Rocky for helping me out when I get stuck and of course the biggest thanks to Jezz for making this incredible skin.











That's one of the nicest looking pm3HD mods i have ever seen.
XBMC Frodo 12 - Windows 7 - Asrock Ion 330HT - Aeon Nox
Looks really cool! Would love to use it if possible.
are you going to to post it for download? would love to have this. love the dvd case and music case, you should try to use it in all views to be consistent. but great ideas overall. hope you will share so we can have this as well. great work!
Does look really nice! but..... I'm a fan of having XBMC in the top corner....
I am working on a few last things. Yes I suppose I will put the cover overlays on all the views. Still have some studio icons to size and I might be putting in flag code for all formats, even though I don't have them in my media collection.
I hope you will share with the community. I am not even sure i willuse this, but I may borrow from it for a few things I am working on for the original PMIII. I really like some of the ideas you presented with this...
Expect it to be shared tonight or tomorrow. Depends on how much I can get done tonight.
ekim232 Wrote:Expect it to be shared tonight or tomorrow. Depends on how much I can get done tonight.

Take your time. And thank you for the ideas and inspiration. I can't wait to try it out!
Here is a link for anyone who wants to try it out. I didn't have time to do everything I want, but I did add flagging support for bluray & dvd. It is supported via filename (ie 300.bluray.mkv or 300.sddvd.iso). I was not able to add the dvd overlay to movie list view, but I figured I would share now. I was going to do audio flagging, but I don't like the methods that are used right now to achieve it and would rather wait till proper support for listitem properties are created. There is support for 40 studios. I will continue to add them in as I get them.

Everyone feel free to offer some suggestions or bugs in it.....hopefully with a solutionWink

I also included my homebackgrounds, twc supplemental for the home page, and my weather art pack. To set up trailers and weather, please just look at home.xml and set the path to wherever you have apple movie trailers and twc. For weather fanart, activate custom backgrounds and set folder as the weather folder.

<onclick>RunScript(f:\apps\XBMC\scripts\TWC Supplemental\default.py)</onclick>

I run from XBOX and use the latest builds. If you do not have a recent build, all feature will not work! ie. some flagging & all library node icons.

Hi. i love the skin. How do I access all my scripts from the Home Menu? I can't get the trailers or weather to work right. I have checked and double checked the default.py path and still a no go. I am using the 4-04 build.

Everything else looks nice. I would like to see a coverflow view in the TV Shows section too, like the Movies. It would make the TV show fanart look a lot better.

Thanks again nice job.
Which platform are you on?

I use XBOX, so that is what my paths represent. PC can be quiet different.

To get scripts in the main page you need to go into home.xml and look for programs. You could change programs to activate scripts by changing the activate window to scripts. Change the <label> to says Scripts then. In settings put it so programs shows in main menu. That could be your scripts tab. I don't use any scripts besides twc or amt, so I did not do this myself.
Are you referring to coverflow or the dvd view I created with fanart. If it is the dvd view I made, then it is easy also. Go to viewsvideolibrary.xml and change the container content for id57 to include TVShows along with movies..

container.content(Movies) | container.content(TVShows) for the visible.

That should do it. I would have to double check if I restricted anything in myvideonav, but I don't think I did. If that doesn't work check in there to make sure control 57 has TVShows as the container as well. The reason I did it is because I use all wide icons for tv series main banners, so it does not fit the window.
Very nice but i wouldn't work correctly for me using Revision 19213 so i couldn't see it all as i couldn't select any views bar list but the screens look nice.
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[MOD] "The Operation" PM3.HD Mod2
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