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[DOWNLOAD] Video Plugin Poster Pack for AEON
I'm not sure about this but, I think the views are saved for each location.

So, if you open "Video Plugins" and set it to "Showcase" it will always be showcase for that location (unless you change it), then, if you click on one plugin and if it's still showcase, swtich to list view. Next item you open that plugin (or maybe any of them) it will show as list view, while the plugins listing will still be in showcase view.
ok cool, I actually noticed that and forgot to edit my post :-p. Thanks anyways.
Is there a way I can goto straight to plugin chooser in when I choose 'video' from the main menu ?. For some reason it keeps taking to my TV library No

any idea's ?
That's kinda strange. Maybe try navigating to your video plugs and then pushing "c" (it's C right, i'm not at my pc) and clicking "set default".
Here is my Freemediatv poster.
not sure if this plugin works any more though lol

sweet poster.

Yeah there are some great posters and such, it's just a pity that not every plug-in works ideallySad.
It is possible to make the NBC Universal plugin browseable in showcase view. Right now I'm missing a few posters:
SciFi Channel:
Estate of Panic
Chase (Not the old version)
Scare Tactics
Destination Truth

I have the rest of the posters though, and the modification to the plugin is very simple.

Download this:

Extract the folder "thumbs" to NBC Universal\Resources\
and the file "" to NBC Universal\

If you've used the NBC Universal plugin before, you'll need to delete the video image cache at XBMC\userdata\thumbnails\Video

If you don't delete that folder, the new thumbnails won't work.
This also uses the NBC/Scifi/USA logos for the category views.
The network thumbs we have covered in the next release, but the show thumbs are a nice touch. Let me chat with my cohort in crime.
tube8 or Bangbros anyone?
Does anyone have any posters for these

adult swim
family guy
free moovies
google video
Ninja Video
Reeplay it
TV Shack

also how do you get the internet tv backdrop to be used under the video menu?? Mine shows the same as for the movie backdrop
nice poster pack, looks nice, thanks!
Another little eye candy pack thanks allot for your efforts with these they look SWEET.
These look absolutely amazing. Would it be possible to get some sports in there? NBA, NFL, & ESPN. Thanks.

[DOWNLOAD] Video Plugin Poster Pack for AEON1.52