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Let's make a GENERIC online backdrop repository?
I don't know if there are people out there like me but I, for one, prefer generic backdrops than to have random backdrops of movies, TV shows or bands that are not part of my library.

I prefer to have generic stuff... But it's getting hard to find high quality 1080p generic images to use as backdrops.

Maybe we could use this thread to post generic backdrops for users that prefer them? Or maybe I'm the only one that prefers this?

Anyway, I created some sort of "repository" in my Windows Live SkyDrive account, hopefully, people can help me fill it up with high quality generic backdrops.

XBMC Generic Backdrops
I would also like generic backdrops Smile
I mostly created this thread for people that have some, to share, because I can't find that many...
I decided to create one anyways... It's almost empty right but I hope people can help me fill it up with good quality backdrops... Check first post for link. I have a few for music that I have yet to upload, but will in a few hours.
If anyone is interested I've created a "General/Other" category for these types of backdrops.

Feel free to upload (add a few relevant keywords to help people search)
1080p or 720p images welcome.

Also added a category for square music artist thumbs. (Home Theater Backdrops) offers a large collection FanArt Backdrops of Music Artist and Games, and it also has a good collection of Weather Backgrounds. Help contribute by uploading FanArt for your favorite Music Artist and Games so that others can enjoy it as well.
I think you missed the point of these generic backdrops. One "general/other" category does not suffice, at least for me.

Like I said I would, I have updated a few music backdrops, the ones I had with me and one backdrop for games.

It's on the link above of course.
How can I upload some Backdrops?
I like your idea, I prefer fix backdrop for each category, too...
To the link I posted above you can't. That's my Windows Live ID account, to htbackdrops you simply need to register and upload. But if you send them to me, I'll upload them.
- Added 2 more to the Music section
- The "violin" one was replaced by the original 1080p image (before it was resized)
- Added 2 more to the Misc section

Just added 17 images to the Pictures section... These are not very "generic" because I couldn't find any "generic" pictures that would fit into the "pictures" section. I added a high resolution 1080p photos that I think look good on any skin. They are real photos (some may have little editing/montages) which I think it fits to the "pictures" name.

As for the empty folders, I have no images to add to them... Sad
I like actual artwork from the movies and tvshows I have but here's a few generic ones I've been using for the other areas:

Play Disk:


Starting to become a nice collection Smile
Where am I supposed to put the backdrop files? I put them in $Program Files$\XBMC\skin\Aeon\media\backdrops\default_*\ and now Aeon goes all freaky blinky rotating through the images Tongue
You have to define in Aeon settings the folder where the images are located. That's user-configurable.
Personally, i prefer fanart from the actual movies, artists etc.

But these do look good. What ones would you like generic backdrops for, though? maybe i can help.
I know many people prefer the fanart (that's why this thread doesn't have much replies), but I for one, prefer generic stuff, for various reasons, but that doesn't matter...

I don't know exactly, but maybe I should quote an user on this forum:
david81 Wrote:Sorry if I wasn't clear on that. I was thinking something like the backdrops used in Mediastream.


Movies - A picture of theater seating or a movie reel or movie camera or a marquee...

TV Shows - A picture of an LCD TV, an antenna, a remote control....

Music - CDs, music notation, musical instruments, speakers....

Photos - I'll probably just drop some of my vacation photos into a folder for this one

Weather - Weather equipment, barometer, thermometer, Anemometer, perhaps different weather situations from the weather fanart packs...

Settings - Some sort of control panel type image maybe...

I'm really just looking to give some sort of context while scrolling through.

Forget about the weather though... Unless someone wants those types of images (I don't), I can add another folder to the SkyDrive page.
Ideally what you need is images that are also tied in to each other by colour scheme or style.

The best images I can think of are,

TV - An image of a TV with action on screen spilling out of the TV into the "real world"

Film - Like the image on page one, something like the cine film.

Games - Similar to TV but with a console and gamepad in there.

Picture - Something with a SLR Camera. Maybe like the Movies image where you can see the filmroll and the images on the film.
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