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How do you remove items from the Home Menu?
Foe example... can you completely take weather off the home menu like programs?
not easily but you can do anything you want when you edit home.xml
As Jezz said it is not easy. Removing the labels is as simple as deleted any of the controls, but making it look pretty can be tricky.


1. Find how many buttons you want and make them the first leave the bottom of the list as the area you will remove.
2. Once you have moved the controls you want to the top look for the image control of the gray box that they sit on. You will need to adjust the height of it to make it increase or decrease in size. If you remove some buttons you will need to decrease the height in order to make it shorter. Doing so can through other positionings off, so you may need to adjust the <posy> as well.

How do you remove items from the Home Menu?00