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[RELEASE] KinoPoisk2 (Russian Movies) Scraper
hamp Wrote:Work/ Wait for test. Uploaded later.
//Заработало. Скоро выложу. Оказалось - ошибка было в коде скрапера.

Wow! That's cool! I look forward to.
//Ждем с нетерпением
Hamp? Post a fix you did for this somewhere?

// Polozhite kudanibut' patchik ili sam file??
Hello. Thank you for the scrapper. It works good, but there is one little problem: genres can not be scrapped. I don't see this field at the information screen. I hope, that this problem will be solved. Good luck.
when I use this scraper in xbmc, it gets information in 1251 encoding, and it displays wrong. Seems it has to convert it to UTF-8. Is it possible?
There are problems with downloading thumbs from Tmdb.

Есть проблемы со скачиванием обложек с Tmdb.
As always, debug log needed.
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Я переделаю новый релиз кинопоиска, для большей функциональности, точнее постараюсь успеть до начала семестра.
and this one. until you guys behave don't even think about starting a new one.
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