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Any chance of Genre sorting?
I'm curious if there's any chance of getting Genre functionality in Horizonz, perhaps with the genre icons pack that was just released and is starting to show up in other skins. I'm using the xbox lite version of Horizonz and it's by far my favorite skin based on ease of use, low overhead, and aesthetics, but as my movie collection is growing it's getting much more difficult to deal with since this skin doesn't have the ability to sort by genre.

Is this outside of the scope of this skin? Is there perhaps a way of modifying the home screen so there's the option of going into the genre listing for movies kind of like Mediastream does, or even having a genre option once in the movie list? I'm just struggling to find a skin that functions well on the xbox that is both aesthetically pleasing and 100% functional for me, and with the ability to sort by Genre this skin would be it.
Ugh, apparently I'm "that guy" who can't use search well enough. I found the resolution in this thread:

I guess my search criteria sucked! Thanks for this great skin, now that I can (hopefully) use the standard filters I'll be golden.

Any chance of Genre sorting?00