[RELEASE] "Arcade Browser" (Emulator ROMS browser) Script for Linux
So you updated launchEmu for Windows compatibility but not the rest of the script? Looks like we have some more common interests! Wink

Curiosity: Why update launchEmu for that? You wanted to port to Windows but then changed your mind?

Well if you wait patiently enough, I will have probably worked it out in the next update. Smile

BTW - I think you can remove xml.dom.minidom now if you care to save some kb's and some clockcycles. Not a lot, but as my father used to say, any delta is a mile on a slow horse. Nah, he didn't really say that.
Try Xubuntu. It's the new Ubuntu.
Smile No, I think launchEmu is the only part where you have to take care of OS. Like using a batch file instead of bash if you would like to use it in solo mode.

I started to implement this as I already moved to the new script from scratch. So it is not available in my fork of AB.
Oh sorry my bad! By fork I meant Rom Collection Browser. Is that one platform independent?

I also wanted to make Arcade Browser XBOX compatible earlier because 2nd hand XBOXes are really cheap, but I didn't understand the format. I thought it would be just .exe like Windows but it's not. Anyway, it's not 'urgent' anymore since I got rid of my TV (everything is MC + Monitor now).
Try Xubuntu. It's the new Ubuntu.
Quote:Oh sorry my bad! By fork I meant Rom Collection Browser. Is that one platform independent?

Yes. At least windows, linux and (with V0.6) xbox.

The main part for being platform independant should be this:

Prepare command if launched in solo mode:
#get environment OS
env = ( os.environ.get( "OS", "win32" ), "win32", )[ os.environ.get( "OS", "win32" ) == "xbox" ]

#invoke batch file that kills xbmc before launching the emulator                        
if(env == "win32"):
    #There is a problem with quotes passed as argument to windows command shell. This only works with "call"
    cmd = 'call \"' +os.path.join(RCBHOME, 'applaunch.bat') +'\" ' +cmd                                            
    cmd = os.path.join(re.escape(RCBHOME), 'applaunch.sh ') +cmd

launch rom with os.system or runxbe (for xbox):
if(env == "xbox"):    
    xbmc.executebuiltin("XBMC.Runxbe(%s)" %cutFile)

All this can be found in the helper.py starting from launchEmu. I have taken a lot of ideas from your script and leos launcher plugin (and some modifications done by other users).

But if I remeber correctly your script should already work on windows if you don't use it in solo mode. Just have a look one or two pages back in this thread.

Yes I was hoping it kinda should work since most is platform independent and I wrote more (xbmc-unrelated) independent scripts before. Except I only ever had a Linux machine for the actual launching. Now recently I have XBMC on Windows and I'm still trying to convince my friend to mod his MSXBOX* since he only plays the 360 anyway, and ROMs are awesome and fit nice on a XBOX.

I wonder what the emulation future brings with game production getting as big as movie production instead of 2 dudes in a cellar. I mean, compare those 8k ROMs to ID's upcoming Rage racegame; the uncompressed build is one terabyte in size! Heh.

*) Remember the 1984 MSX? And now the XBOX from MS? There's something about MS and X'es. Tongue
Try Xubuntu. It's the new Ubuntu.

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[RELEASE] "Arcade Browser" (Emulator ROMS browser) Script for Linux0
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