[HELP] Possible for 2 homepages?
I have been working on a variation for a homepage, but I would like to have a setting button to let the user decide between mine or the original.

1. Is this possible? I know in settings it lets you choose your startup page, so I would believe so. However, I am having trouble finding the xml where this is coded.
2. If possible, what would be the best way to code. I was intially thinking having home.xml & home2.xml, but I am unsure of how to set the visible.

Any advice or help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
you can edit the skin.xml file and add bits to the default startup page like so from mc360

or you can always edit startup.xml to activate the new page depending on what condition is set
After looking at both of them I have a few questions if you don't mind.

Can skin.xml accept a conditional like so...


It seems that startup.xml is more for programs, scripts, ect. rather than complete new windows. Am I off on this? If so, what would be an example control that could do what I am looking for?

Last, is there a way to edit what windows are available within settings>appearence>startup window?

Thanks for all your help Jezz, Your skin keeps me busyBig Grin
You need to look at that mc360 one I linked closer it uses uses custom windows to replace the startup windows selection in settings>appearence>startup
and know it doesn't take conditionals
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