Dual-head display with different resolution on my PC monitor and TV?

I recently realised that XBMC has gotten VDPAU support which means I can finally use this amazing media center on my old crappy computer. So I've bougt a nvidia EN9600GT and it's performance is amazing. But I've run into a problem:

I'm a retired Freevo user. Since I'm using my old desktop as a HTPC I've got the computer hooked up to my PC monitor and my 1080p plasma. The problem is rooted in that my pc monitor is running 1920 x 1200 while my TV is running 1920 x 1080. When I used Freevo it adjusted the movies according to my TV and not the monitor. So when I watched 1080p movies I got equally sized black bars on top and on bottom of my TV picture. XBMC seems to adjust the position of the movies to my PC monitor. This means that the black bars are correctly positioned on my PC monitor, but when I try to watch movies on my TV I'll have one big black bar at the bottom and a smaller one on top. A result of XBMC thinking that 1920 x 1200 is the primary resolution. When watching lower resolution movies a part of the picture is not visible on my TV.

How can I fix this? I want the movies to be adjusted according to my TV resolution but I still want my PC monitor to have 1920 x 1200. When Freevo could do this XBMC has to be able to do the same. Nod

Edit: The sollution has been staring me right in the face all along. I just had to use XBMCs option to calibrate picture. Easy peasy. Smile
I'm planning to do something similar, using my desktop as a media center and my lcd tv as secondary display

Are you rurnning two diffierent X screens, or a single screen via twinview? what is your recommendation?

Are you launching xbmc directly on the tv screen, at full screen? if so, how are you doing this.

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Dual-head display with different resolution on my PC monitor and TV?00