Size of the thumbs in thumbnail view
In video sources screen, if I choose thumbnails view, then only 3 thumbs fits in a row. Down in source level, there are 6 thumbs in a row using thumbnails view.

However I am not sure what triggers to put 6 thumbs in a row, as I have some sources, where also only 3 thumbs fits in a row. (I realized that coverflow view is also only available in case, when 6 thumbs fits in a row. So when only 3 fits in a row, there is no coverflow view available.)

So what is triggering the change? Is the content set on a source? I mean, if there is content set on a source, then it makes coverflow view available and also change the layout of the thumbnails view?

But my main question is:
Is it possible to tweak the sources screen to the layout, where 6 source thumbs can fit in a row?
joebrady Wrote:raw=row?

is it possible to set a custom size for the thumbnails in the XML?
I have encountered this problem too. I would like to keep the 'three in a row' layout in all sub levels. This is how my TV Shows section displays (I assume xbmc gets this info from the scraper setting). My 'Movies' section shows six icons to a row, and whats worse it distorts the icon (it does not keep the correct aspect, my icons become stretched).

Being able to define how many icons you would like per row would be great. Does anyone know where to edit the PM3.HD skin to allow for setting the amount of icons per row in 'thumbnail' view?


Using XBMC 9.04 T3ch release.
The thumbnail view for videos is defined by the "VideoThumbnailView" section in ViewsFileMode.xml.

On line 1029 you'll find the 3 thumb layout which is used at all levels except for the movies section.
On line 1091 the 6 thumb layout in defined, this one is used for movies.

So yes, you can modify the source to change when the 3 or 6 thumb layouts are available.
You'll have to modify the 'itemlayout' & 'focusedlayout' conditions.
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@ Ronie

Thanks for your input, that completely solved my problem. Smile
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