[RELEASE] WatchXOnline (Video) Plugin
Will this plugin ever be up and running? Thanks!
I love my Mac Mini :;):
Plugin is dead. It shows empty folder when opening it. Sad
Any chance on this one being updated?
As the original author I would say that it is unlikely. I haven't looked at the site in a long time. Anyone else is welcome to take a it and run but I am not sure any of the code is useful anymore.
Ok thanks, I was mainly interested in a plugin that does CW shows (yeah yeah Smile)

Perhaps it's time I try to learn how to do an add-on myself, don't know the language but have time to screw around while at work!

One Q.. I live in Canada, so a work around for the region check I would want to do, how you do this can be seen in say your South Park add-on? Or is more specific per site?
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[RELEASE] WatchXOnline (Video) Plugin51