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TVRage Scraper to use QuickInfo.php
Is it possible to make the tvrage scraper quick quickinfo.php

It would make things slightly easier on you guys, since quickinfo.php is literately only the information you need, and you can use &exact=1 rather then it pull up dodgy TV shows that youve never heard of, all because you named the folder "24"

The only problem I could see happening would be the episode information, because to get ep info, you have to parse quickinfo.php?show=<Show Name>&ep=<episode>x<season>&exact=1

and im not sure if the current xml sheet will allow that, if people would be able to tell me it is possible, i can look into making the changes

that is very much possible. see the getepisodeguide function..
haha, thanks, il get looking into it, cant garantee how good its going to be, because well... im doing it :-P im not that skilled but il give anything a go

TVRage Scraper to use QuickInfo.php00