[RELEASE] OpenSubtitles (video) Plugin
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"Video" plugin to download subtitles from OpenSubtitles.org.

Not a full replacement for OpenSubtitles script, as it doesn't support a lot of things, like searching for subtitles for a movie while playing and all that, I wanted to write this as a plugin as I found Leo's script locking sometimes on Xbox and man Sad, I banged my head today against a slow OpenSubtitles.org, failing a lot, but I think I handled most of the cases where it cannot connect, login and all that...

I haven't decided whether to leave it as a "video" plugin, I was thinking it might be easier to access if it's close to video sources, but I'm just thinking now that maybe if it's a program plugin, that allows you to download a subtitles, go straight back to main menu leaving the plugin open, go to video sources, try it on and then if it doesn't work properly, get back into the still open plugin program and try another one without going through the whole process again... Anyways, waiting on feedback on that one...

  • v1.3 (18 September 2009):
    - [xbox] if subtitle filename including language is too long, try again without language;

  • v1.2 (5 July 2009):
    - add "Search for playing movie";
    - add language to the subtitle file name;

  • v1.1 (31 May 2009):
    - allow to choose prefered subtitle language(s);
    - allow to choose subtitles destination (movie directory or XBMC custom directory);
    - rename subtitle(s) to match video file(s);
    - enhance results list view (number of downloads);
    - better resolution flags;
Great, I will test it asap!
Are you aware of Sublight...which might offer another option which could be more reliable then opensubtitles.


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I might look into that, thanks.
It works really well for me, unlike the OpenSubtitles script. I like the fact that it's a plugin. However I do have a few suggestions.

The plugin only sees avi files. It would be nice if it saw mkv files (amongst others, for example ogm) to.

Not really that important and I'm guessing the flag icons are a placeholder anyway but could you replace them with a higher res version? They look extremely blurry and pixelated.

That's it really. You did a great job.
I like the idea of being able to limit the search results based on preferred subtitle language. I hope this will be one of the first things you'll add to the plugin.
I agree there needs to be an easier way to get to the plugin. It would be cool if you could access it form the video OSD but I don't think that's possible.
Last, I couldn't care less for automatic subtitle downloading.

Many thanks.
Sora Wrote:The plugin only sees avi files. It would be nice if it saw mkv files (amongst others, for example ogm) to.

Haven´t tried it yet but this will be an issue for me to... Sad

Thanks, man, you're welcome.

I only tested with .avis, but that's a good suggestion, I'll see if I can get a full list of video extensions, maybe even get the list from OpenSubtitles, I'll make the change today.

No, I don't think plugins allow that - I think the solution is to ask XBMC Team for a enhancement request to allow to integrate subtitle providers in the movie contextual menu. It would be nice an integrated upload feature in XBMC as well, what the guys from OpenSubtitles suggest, that if you already have a subtitle and you play that for something like 80%, when finished maybe ask the user or automatically upload the subtitle on their website.

For now, the only thing I can do to make it easier is do like OpenSubtitles script does, start the movie, leave it playing in the background then run the plugin and maybe have another plugin menu option or even detect that a video is running, search for subtitles, download one, go back to the movie in full screen, browse for the subtitle & try it one and then repeat the process until you get one right.

I got the flags from OpenSubtitles.org website, they are fairly small indeed and when enlarged they look blurry, I'll see if I can find better ones - if anyone has a web resource, please let me know.
any thought as to do the TV Series subtitels as well:

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Maybe this can help.

- XBMC Wiki: Supported container formats

- Flags, Encarta
- Flags by countrie, FOTW
- EU and US flags from Blogpatato

All seem to be free to use.
Thanks, helpful links. Encarta flags look good, I found this as well, http://www.33ff.com/flags/world-flags0001.html, plenty to choose from :-)

Pffff, that looks like a bit more work, as I don't see any XML-RPC service like OpenSubtitles.org have, that means there'll be some HTML parsing involved, it looks possible, but I won't commit, sorry...
Hi now I´ve tested it, it says: "unable to login. check your network connection and try again".

Do I need to add my username somewhere?


No, for now it logs in anonymously, I'll correct the message and maybe even add the settings to use your own username/password if you prefer. Try again, it should it's just that the website's been very slow for me as well - try it from a PC to see what I mean.
this website is always very slow dont expect too much from it
THX will try again!

Nope still no luck, will try again later, this might be a time when it´s overloaded. realy annoying... Sad (ABSOLUTLY NOT your fault though!!! Realy like the simplicity of the app!!!)

Would like other formats than .avi in the feature if you find the time to look into it... Smile


I've made a few changes, to include more video extensions, clean-up some messages and better res flags (just a few for now, trouble is that those flags are not for countries, but for languages, looking for Persian flag :-) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ISO_639-2_codes
Dan Dare Wrote:trouble is that those flags are not for countries, but for languages, looking for Persian flag :-)

I guess that Iran's flag will be the closest match for a "persian flag". Smile

Anyway, thank's for this plugin. I haven't tried it yet but I will when there is an update that fixes the problem people brought up in this thread.

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