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i think your plugin has a little flaw, if the movie is in rar files (wich xbmc currently suppports direct play from) i can't search for subtitles since the plugin doesn't go inside the rar files to see the movie name.
hmm, I see what you mean - currently the way to match subtitles to a movie file is by calculating a hash of the a number of bytes of the movie file, I would have to see how those can be extracted without a need to extract the whole movie... I was going to introduce sometime a new option that would allow to search subtitles by movie name, maybe that will help...
Bram77 Wrote:Are you aware of Sublight...which might offer another option which could be more reliable then opensubtitles.
The developer of Sublight has actually offered to help with this if needed, checkout:
macofaco Wrote:Hello.

I am developer of Sublight, windows client application for auto subtitle search and download (http://www.subtitles-on.net/GetSublight.aspx).

I also developed Sublight server and designed its database which can be accessed by web service (http://www.subtitles-on.net/SubtitlesAPI2.asmx).

If you are interested you can use this service from XBMC. I also published sample C++ project which demonstrates how to call our web service in C++ (http://www.subtitles-on.net/GetSublight.aspx#cpp). Of course any other programming language can be used.

This was quick intro. If you are interested or have any questions please ask. You can also suggest new features.

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Do not e-mail XBMC-Team members directly asking for support. Read/follow the forum rules.
For troubleshooting and bug reporting please make sure you read this first.
Thanks Gamester17, I followed with macofaco on the other thread, he published some code sample on how to calculate the movie hash, I'll see what I can do - but I see that as a different plugin, hopefully I will have a working plugin soon enough and open a new thread.
Good news, OpenSubtitles.org XML RPC service seems to be responding much better now (with the ocasional timeout), also I improved a few things, see the first post for more details, enjoy.
I will test it soon, now that opensubtitles is working again.

Is making playback searching a possibility, pretty much like Boxee has implemented its integration with opensubtitles.org ?
yes, it is a possibility, it's just that I wouldn't see it coming very soon, not until say August - it's all manual for now, and I know it's not very easy, I've been using it a couple of times lately, all that going back and forth between video sources and video plugins, but even as it is beats the heck out of having to use my laptop and transfering the subtitles over to Xbox :-)
There you go, sooner than expected, enjoy (see new version).
The plugin is telling me that the OpenSubtitles webpage is unresponsive.
Great that someone is working on this, thanks Smile

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Try again, the webservice works much better these days, I didn't have any problems all day, but obviously it all depends on the load on the server at times.
DarDar your plugins are great thank you. OpenSubtitles.org plugins never works for me in XBMC for Xbox. I always get 'opensubtitles.org service may be unresponsive at times', any ideas how can i fix it? Sublight v1.5 works perfect but not so many subtitles as Opensubtitles.org.

Thanks, AR

I just tried it and OpenSubtitles service works fine now - try to find the best "window" when there's less people using it, sometime the service is too busy.
Closing thread and moving to xbmc4xbox.org...
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