[RELEASE] KeezMovies.com (Video) Plugin - Adult Content!
There could be many reasons why the xbmc crashed during the download process - without the proper log file I won't be able to help you.
The SVN Repo installer and the external link both point to excact same version.. so I don't really know what could go wrong there.. bottom line - it's working alright for you now! Wink

As for the porn stars I didn't even notice they're missing Wink I'll add that in free time

I think the porn stars section is #d out.

The download doesn't work. Play works fine. But if I want to download/play or download only then the script gives an error and exits.

Do I have to place a special folder somewhere for the files to be downloaded to? Maybe a special directory?
they change the layout of pornstars page so often that it does not even make sense to create such a section..
as for download.. it works fine on my xbox and ubuntu
where are you trying to save the file? you need to specify a download location in the plugin settings

You were right pajretX. I didn't set the download location thus my downloads were failing. Now its downloading fine. Thanks.
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[RELEASE] KeezMovies.com (Video) Plugin - Adult Content!51