[RELEASE] moviestream.se (Video Plugin)

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8BitBrad Offline
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moviestream.se v1.0

Streams Movies, TV, and Anime from http://www.moviestream.se

Thanks to RustyCage for the heads up on the site and a request.

There is one issue I can't seem to fix because I'm a noob at python.
The issue is with TV, and Anime. If the series has more than one season it list all of them under the same episode #.

Episode 1
Episode 1
Episode 1

where the 1st one would be s1e1, 2nd would be s2e1, 3rd 2s1

I don't know how to add a season to them.

In the source page there is this line ( <option value=""> - S# - </option> ). If somebody would like to mess with it go ahead.
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nixa Offline
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Using it rite now on my ATV, works perfectly dude!
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RustyCage Offline
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Awesome! Thanks! Big Grin
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DrkRavenBrow Offline
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This plug isn't working for me, is it working from anyone else? it shows the main titles but it doesn't show anything under them.
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