[DOWNLOAD] Extra Thumbnails (extrathumbs) to 346 Movies for views like Aeon Multiplex
Thanks, but is there any way to recieve those stills automatically? A cool feature would be to have those thumbs dynamically extracted on the fly from the movie file itself and then slideshow them every second. A possibility would be to jump from keyframe to keyframe.

ugh, i agree, i have 650 movies and would hate to have to dl all those and make folders for all the movies and such.
BluScrnOdeth Wrote:ugh, i agree, i have 650 movies and would hate to have to dl all those and make folders for all the movies and such.

this feature already exists for shows so it would be really great to activate this for movies too Smile
Use Ember It does it for you.
Well yes, but this kind of defeats xbmc as your only application that handles everything.

When i add a new movie, xbmc automatically searches for it, downloads posters and fanart, adds infos etc. having a external software for your extrathumbs is not really what i am looking for Wink
likewise. It would be nice if it could just store the thumbs in another directory and just handle the thumbs as such.

---21 Again.mkv
---21 Again(1).jpg
---21 Again(2).jpg

I dont think that it would be a bad idea for people to have to rename the .jpg files to match the movie but for those who have large libraries, to make all those folders, move the files to those folders, thats time consuming. And if someone made a img library or a download on here for a list of files already named, then that would make it that much easier. Or of course, a group of people could contribute to making the images to put in the package.
Since all content from the past month is gone, here's my note again: is somebody working on a plugin/script to get this fetching of extrathumbs automated? I'm willing to help out.

I searched for some kind of scraper hook, to hook get this automated after a scraper is finished. Another possibility is writing a scraper myself, but a lot of work has to be done twice, then.
*nvm, I found it*
Hi all...
After reading this post a few weeks ago and starting to fool around with the aeon skins i have started to download the extrathumbs myself too...

At the moment i am at about 25% done. In total it's over 1000 movies.
I want to share my extrathumbs with you, but since this post has no replies for more than 6 months i am not sure if people are interested...

are you?
Indeed we are interested.
ok.. Here's what I would like to do...

I will make a RAR file of my movie collection which does NOT contain the movie itself. It probably will be quite large and I have limited webspace, so I think it's best if I make a torrent for it?

The rar file will contain the following:


i have HD1080p trailers for quite a few movies, so instead of downloading the entire thing, just select the files from the .torrent that you wish to download.
uTorrent client supports selecting individual files... So just check the movies you want and go for it....

I'll also post a list of the movies.
Is that ok or should i change my approach here?
seems ok, go for it Smile
Ember Media Manager will scrape extrathumbs for all your movies automatically and it scrapes qty. 4 at your movies screen resolution.

Granted because it is selecting screenshots randomly in the movie some arent the greatest but it only takes a few seconds to do a lot of movies.

One can also take their own screenshots inside of xbmc using the printscreen key, once again at your movies screen resolution.

Save your screenshots as thumb1.jpg, thumb2.jpg, thumb3.jpg and thumb4.jpg, put them in a folder called 'extrathumbs' and put that in your movie folder.
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yep, but my XBMC is running under OSX, so no such EMM available for me

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[DOWNLOAD] Extra Thumbnails (extrathumbs) to 346 Movies for views like Aeon Multiplex3
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