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Hmmm... yes this looks promising! - I have just remotely installed it on my Home Server - I'll test when I get home.... for anyone else running WHS you can install it as an add-in and start the service automatically.... Wink
Big Zero here.... PS3 mediaserver shows up when I browse uPNP devices as does my mediaserver - but the only folders available under it are one called "web" and one called "#video settings#" - yep I have added shares....

Just installed it on my vista box to... same thing..."web" and "#video settings#" is all that shows up when I browse....
Hmmm... scrap that! Big Grin !! - few hours of tinkering and my Xbox plays 720p scean rips without any problem what so ever! - this is fantastic software!
I've been tinkering for a more than a couple of hours....Huh

Geeba - How did you get it to see the shares? I've been having the exact same problem, just see the Web and Video settings. I've shared a whole drive but i see nothingHuh

If you can help it would be much appreciated.
Stan - I found that after adding the folder with your HD files in click the scan button... it says this may take some time... my collection isnt huge so it doesnt take long.. but prior to doing that nothing showed up.. I checked the "enable media libary" to. The audio I left at 5.1 but lowered the bit rate to 384kbps - The Xbox detects AC3 and squirts it out to my AV amp - After making changes click the restart button in the middle of the panel... I made so many changes before I got it to work I ended up uninstalling it and starting again... probably the best move I did.... XBMC build is a Nightly from late August.

The quality on my Samsung 40"/Xbox combo is genuinely really good! I struggled to see the difference between a windows HTPC I also have and the Xbox - some scene rips leave a little to be desired but this is a fantastic solution to fire your HD content out via Xbox without re-encoding. Alot appear to be 1280 x 524 or 1280 x 544 - which I think does qualify as 720p, but 1280 x 720 also play without issue... I tried a 1080p 1920 x 816 rip of The Usual Suspects and the CPU on the xbox hit 90% so I think it may be able to play the transcoded file but my single core server doesnt have the grunt to transcode it fast enough so the xbox is buffering....

This really is a great soultion to keep the Xbox in your media network... I have a seperate folder that I keep all my HD stuff in.... PS3MS is is just pointed at that and run as a service - browse and setup a path that same as you would any share - whalop! HD rips on your Xbox... Big Grin

Just to recap:

1. Install PS3MS 1.10.51
2. Start PS3MS from desktop icon
4. Change audio bitrate to 384kbps
5. Change max bandwidth to 40Mbps
6. Enable Media Library
7. Browse for folder with films,tv shows and click on scan
8. Meanwhile install PS3MS as windows service
9. Wait until scan of library has finished and then save and quit PS3MS
10. Start PS3MS as windows service (from computer management, services and applications, services) - Windows XP
11. Enable UPNP server,renderer and client on xbmc
12. From home screen in xbmc choose videos
13. Click UPNP devices auto discovery
14. Click PS3MS
15. Click media library
16. Click Video
17. Click on whatever film/tv show and enjoy!Cool

I'll try this when i go home tonight by uninstalling PS3MS and starting from scratch and see how it goes but if you see any mistakes above please let me know.

Thanks again.Wink

Number 8 - I'd get it working before running it as a service
Number 10 - as above.
Number 11 - just Client, the PS3MS is the server - its dishing up video to the Xbox - the client.
Number 17 - rember to use "Play using" and select DVDPlayer - and yes enjoy HD rips on your humble Xbox! Wink

I'll be tinkering again tonight - once I'm home... cooked dinner, bathed and feed baby, cleaned up, showered and done a hour or so on my own business! Big Grin should be about midnight! let me know how you get on!
Will do!
I can't seem to get any items in medialibrary -> video Sad
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Well guess what? No video files showing up under media library>Video. I made a folder with one HD .mkv file and added it to the library, saved it, then restarted HTTP server and then nothing when i went to play it in xbmc. I've turned off my firewall but if that was the issue then i woudn't see any UPNP server. I then quit then restarted it but that didn't seem to do anything.

I can play some web files so i know it works. Why won't the video file show up!

Talk about pulling your hair out!:confused2:
I am able to get XBMC and PS3MS to 'see' each other, but have some issues after following the steps listed by Geeba and Stan.

First off, if you are using Mediastream to browse for and set up the UPNP share, stop. For whatever reason, once you've found PS3MS, the skin won't allow you to select 'OK', or at least I can't make it. Switch to Project Mayhem.

Second, I'm not sure which folder to set as the shared location. Inside the PS3 Media Server folder are several others, including the folder which contains my movies. When I click that, I have a folder called 'Transcode', and inside that are the movie files and folders. I set the PS3 Media Server folder as my share, but when I browse it, there is nothing but a few files for mencoder and one of my movies (0.0 kb in size, though) that won't play.

Finally, when I scan my movies folder in PS3MS, I know it's supposed to take awhile, but mine seems to finish really fast. I can't really tell because there is nothing to indicate whether a scan is taking place other than a little 'stop' icon on top of the magnifying glass that disappears in seconds.
Geeba - Just out of interest what skin are you using? I've used both PM3HD and PMIII.

I'm on the latest nightly build as of what you can download today and used both normal and patched.
Stan have you turned on UPnP or even have a router that supports UPnP.. it isn't a computer thing, it is a router thing...
I have a BT Home Hub and have switched on UPNP. I also have to allow it as a shared application. However i may have done something wrong as i was copying port forwarding for a torrent type software.
Stan1971 Wrote:I have a BT Home Hub and have switched on UPNP. I also have to allow it as a shared application. However i may have done something wrong as i was copying port forwarding for a torrent type software.

UPnP doesn't require port fowarding... it takes care of all that...
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