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Weather Conditions in the home menu like Aeon?
First of all,

I really like the Horizonz-skin, i used to have Aeon...

But the interface and effects are better looking!

The only, and i mean the only thing i'm missing are the weather conditions on the homescreen when the cursor is on the weathermenu.

Of course hitting the weathermenu doesn't have to go to the real weathermenu.

I've tried to take some code from Aeon to Horizonz.... But without any luck Sad
I successfully did it with my PM3.HD mod. Make sure that you are putting all includes from Aeon that deal with weather into the Horizons includes file.
Read this topic?

But i mean something like this:


So that i can see four days of weather...

I can realise this with all the includes from Aeon, wich deal with weather?

So i've to copy all the includes from the 720 folder from Aeon to the 720 folder of Horizonz and what about the home.xml?
ekim232 Wrote:I successfully did it with my PM3.HD mod. Make sure that you are putting all includes from Aeon that deal with weather into the Horizons includes file.

Thanks ekim232 for your input, i was a little struggle and a lot of trail and error.... Huh

But thanks to you i did it Big Grin
Any chance you could post how you did it. Thanks.
Let's see if i can remember:

Add the following to home.xml (720p folder):

control type="label">
<description>Force Weather update on load</description>


Copy all Includes_......xml files out the 720p folders from Aeon to Horizonz 720p folder.

Add the following to includes.xml (720p folder):

<include file="Includes_Animations.xml" />
<include file="Includes_Backgrounds.xml" />
<include file="Includes_Conditions.xml" />
<include file="Includes_Objects.xml" />

<include file="Includes_Furniture.xml" />
<include file="Includes_Colours.xml" />
<include file="Includes_Settings_LabelsButtons.xml" />

This should do the trick, i know a lot of files and changes that i made don't have to but i cann't remeber wich one i used only for the weather pop-up.

I changed a lot so i fit beter to my needs....
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Cheers, will give it a go.
Also, create a directory in your /Media folder named 'home' (less the quotes) and copy both the 'home_weather_big.png' and 'home_weather_small.png' to it... This will retain the weather's texture backgrounds for each day and makes it easier to view if you have the conditional weather backdrops rotating in the background. If you have just a plain dark background, then it doesn't look so bad, just less organized and in my opinion not as aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Also, in order to get the text perfect, copy 'aeon_title.ttf from the /Fonts folder to your Horizonz fonts folder and add the following code to your Font.xml

Quote:<!-- BEGIN Aeon Weather on Homescreen mod -->




<!-- END Aeon Weather on Homescreen Mod -->

I've noticed that when in the home menu, if your last position was on weather in the home media scroller, and you scroll up or down, the weather is sticky on all of the home system screens until you scroll back up/down to the media scroller and off the weather. If anyone can offer some advice I'd greatly appreciate it -- Likewise, If I figure it out I'll post back here with my findings.
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Weather Conditions in the home menu like Aeon?00