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Network activity / status indicator
hi, i did a search but couldn't find any mention of it - is there any chance that some sort of progress meter could be added to xbmp or xbmc so that its possible to know something is goin on while you wait for a tune/video to load.

sometimes on my network it takes a long time to display all the media i have on my various different pc's and it sometimes appears that the xbox has crashed. a little percentage meter or some sort of animation would prevent any confusion!

keep up the good work and sorry it's been asked before or has already been implemented.
somebody was working on a busy indicator, but they came across problems to do with threading. hopefully they should be resolved at some point in the near future.
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sometimes when my xbox starts up i'm not sure if the network is working. i miss a ping function in the box and in particular in xmbc Smile

it would be nice to be able to have a function in xmbc that upon startup can send a ping to a predefined adress/es if everything is ok it can either do nothing, or when everything is started show a greenish "network ok"-sign,  and if failure, well display the opposite Smile

even during runtime being able to ping and get the responsetimes would be nice. aswell as get some kind of statistics of how much data that is put through (if its possible).

maybe this is easy to just write a pythonscript doing this. i dont know :-)
take a look at the alx's testinet script. it's in the download page. you may be able to adapt it to your needs.
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