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[WINDOWS] Switch Displays, Run XBMC, Close XBMC, Switch Displays - All In One Click!
This took me awhile to get right, mostly fiddling with settings, settings and more settings but after nailing it thought it would be worth to share.

First my setup is the following:
PC with 1 19" monitor and 1 32" HDTV attached. Both are enabled but monitor is primary.
Windows 7 RC1.
UltraMon (Latest Version)
XBMC 9.04 with Aeon Auriga

I wanted a way I could use my PC and monitor as normal then, using the new Windows 7 taskbar, have a pinned XBMC button that would switch display to my HDTV (with all the custom resolutions/refresh rates) and launch XBMC fullscreen. Not only that but when I power down XBMC it then returns my primary display to my PC monitor again with the correct resolutions etc.

It looks like this...

-The shortcut runs the EXE.
-The EXE calls invis.vbs (hides command window) and runs XBMC.bat.
-XBMC.bat runs the UltraMon script SwitchPrimary.vbs (changes primary display and uses your configured display profile) and runs XBMC.exe then waits...
-When XBMC closes XBMC.bat again runs SwitchPrimary.vbs to toggle the primary display back again.

To install do the following:
-Download the ZIP archive here.
-Extract the contents to a directory (I use C:\Scripts, if you decide on something else you will need to edit the paths in XBMC.bat).
-Drag the 'Launch XBMC Media Center' shortcut to the taskbar (or desktop if not using Windows 7).

Note: This assumes you have XBMC installed in C:\Program Files\XBMC. If not you will need to edit the path in XBMC.bat

If anyone has problems I will try and help out best I can but bear in mind I only ever wrote this with my monitor/HDTV/PC setup in mind.
Does this mess with resolutions or just changes displays?
Doesn't touch resolutions.

Set up your resolutions/refresh rates etc in UltraMon as normal and then this just switches which is primary and which is secondary. Each monitor still has the same settings applied to it.

[WINDOWS] Switch Displays, Run XBMC, Close XBMC, Switch Displays - All In One Click!00