Serenity V2 concept preview (mockup)

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Myrddraal Offline
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OMG, i just found this skin and it looks so promising.I really hope Arcanthur will find time again one day to work on skinning. He is so talented.
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eskro Offline
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Post: #47
very nice!! will try it 4sure!!
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butchabay Offline
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You might take a look at fusion migma v2 a mod of the original fusion by arcanthur.
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MassIV Offline
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Seriously love it. Specially the info screen.

But... Saying just that won't improve anything. So:
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t0rm3nt Offline
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looks nice!
Will be switching to this when its released Smile
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Bram77 Offline
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(or 'if' it's release ;-))

[Image: widget]

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