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[RELEASE] Pelisalacarta 2.0 (Video Plugin) Spanish Movies and TV Shows
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Update: Latest version of the plugin pelisalacarta has almost 40 channels!

For those who do not know, the plugin lets you view movies and series from some of the most popular Spanish websites.

It gets movies and tv shows listings from these sites, and when you go to the detail page it looks for videos in several servers. Currently detects Megavideo, Megaupload, Stagevu, Movshare, and Vreel. You can also see any video published on megavideo / megaupload if you enter the video code.


The best part is that if you have a premium Megavideo account you can see this videos without the 72' limit!

I invite you to try it:

Megavideo flv streaming, and tons of inspirations, come from Voinage, Coolblaze, DanDar3 and his plugins. Thanks all.
Hola, Stupenious!

macgiver in espanola!
I've just registered on this forum to say Thank You!!! this script is so awesome

Acojonante Wink
Llevo meses usando este plugin estupendo y descargué la ultima versión anoche. A mi me gusta esta versión tanta. Quizás aún más que la previa. Quisiera darte las gracias por este plugin magnifico. :-)

Espero que llegue un día cuando tengamos webs de streaming que usan movshare en español. Cuando llegue este día quizás te pediré que lo incorpores en este plugin o al menos que incluyas los rutinas para este sitio. ;-)

Todos tus plugins son buenísimos - totol, tvalacarta, y peliculacartas. ¡Gracias por todo tu trabajo amigo mío!

Espero que no haya cometido demasiados errores. Si ves un error en lo escrito aquí ¡no dudes en corregirme!
Thanks for your posts.

I think this thread was dead Smile
do i need a megavideo account?

Most of the links request that. It aware me that there is a 72 minutes limit, but most of the times it stop the streaming after a couple of minutes.
No, you don't need a Megavideo account.

If the streaming stops after a couple of minutes, maybe the problem is other. What platform do you use?
tvalacarta Wrote:No, you don't need a Megavideo account.

If the streaming stops after a couple of minutes, maybe the problem is other. What platform do you use?

I use softmoded XBOX
I use this plugin in a xbox without any problem...

I'll need an extract of the log file with the error to get more info.
Sorry i m new i want only tell you that there is a new version!3.0.1!
But in xmbc i still view The 2.20
Thanks Rriky, will install it.
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There are only 10 kinds of people in this world, those who understand binary, and those who don't.

Wink but no one can update it in xmbc?? i m a n00b and i failed when installing it manually.. and in xmbc there is the old versionSad (2.20)
Will this add-on allow me to login to my Megaupload Premium account and select files to play from there?

I have installed but it is not clear if or how you can do thisHuh

Anyone successful doing this?
beautifull plugin. Big Grin
how can I start to see a video not at start, but from a certain point?
If I press forward (right or above), it freezes and nothing happens.
if I press for example 00 45 00 for 0:45:00 and enter, nothing happens.
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I want to thank you for pelisalacarta, it is an awesome addon.
I was wondering if it is possible to download movies like I do with Icefilms.
I have looked around in addon settings but have found nothing.
If it is possible, can you show me a how to steps.
Thank you so much

[RELEASE] Pelisalacarta 2.0 (Video Plugin) Spanish Movies and TV Shows00