XBMC Connected and International Support - Language Translations Wanted!
My native (and only) language is English so if you want to see Connected in another language I'll need your help Cool

Locate "skin\Connected\language\English\strings.xml"
Replace the English text with your language of choice.

Example English:
<string id="31000">Photos</string>
<string id="31001">Services</string>
<string id="31002">Plug-Ins</string>

Translated to Swedish:
<string id="31000">Foton</string>
<string id="31001">Tjänster</string>
<string id="31002">Instick</string>

Post the translation here or a link to the updated file.
Thanks for your support!
Allright, I'll work on german translation. Will be here soon.
I'm airplanez.

Here Korean Translation Lang File.
Use Team XBMC Translator..

Ooops...Howto attach file....

Connected skin korean Translation based on English Rev 2174
Hi, this is my first attempt of a translation. Some strings are not clearly identifiable so I have to look in which context they appear.
This version is completely untested. Hopefully I can test it tonight.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
  <string id="31000">Fotos</string>
  <string id="31001">Dienste</string>
  <string id="31002">Plug-ins</string>
  <string id="31003">Clips</string>
  <string id="31004">Emulatoren</string>
  <string id="31005">Staffeln</string>
  <string id="31010">Welcome</string>
  <string id="31011">Vielen Dank für die Wahl von</string>
  <string id="31012">XBMC Connected</string>
  <string id="31013">Es wird empfohlen, immer die neueste XBMC-Version zu benutzen.</string>
  <string id="31014">Bitte beachte auch die Optionen des Skins in den Einstellungen.</string>
  <string id="31015">Die Einstellungen können auf der Hauptseite über die Rechts-Taste erreicht werden.</string>

  <string id="31020">Optionen</string>
  <string id="31021">Wide</string>
  <string id="31022">Tilted</string>
  <string id="31023">geladenes Profil</string>
  <string id="31024">Profil Einstellungen</string>
  <string id="31025">Vorhersage</string>
  <string id="31026">Wrap</string>

  <string id="31030">Pausiert</string>
  <string id="31031">spule zurück</string>
  <string id="31032">spule vor</string>
  <string id="31033">spiele ab</string>
  <string id="31040">zurückspringen</string>
  <string id="31041">zurückspulen</string>
  <string id="31042">Stop</string>
  <string id="31043">Pause</string>
  <string id="31044">vorspulen</string>
  <string id="31045">vorwärts springen</string>
  <string id="31046">abspielen</string>
  <string id="31047">Ton aus</string>

  <string id="31501">Hintergründe</string>
  <string id="31502">Ansichten</string>
  <string id="31503">Extras</string>
  <string id="31504">Einschalten</string>
  <string id="31505">aktuelle Wetterbedingungen</string>
  <string id="31506">animiertes Menü</string>
  <string id="31507">eigene Bilderauswahl</string>
  <string id="31508">lege Ordner für Videobilder fest</string>
  <string id="31509">lege Ordner für Musikbilder fest</string>
  <string id="31510">lege Ordner für Fotos fest</string>
  <string id="31511">Zurücksetzen</string>
  <string id="31512">Video auf gesamtem Hintergrund</string>
  <string id="31513">Fanart</string>
  <string id="31514">Diffuse</string>
  <string id="31515">Visualisierungen auf gesamtem Hintergrund</string>
  <string id="31516">Fotos auf gesamtem Hintergrund</string>
  <string id="31517">Wetter Skript</string>
  <string id="31518">lege Skript Bezeichner fest</string>
  <string id="31519">lege Pfad zum Skript fest</string>
  <string id="31520">lege Pfad zum Fanart fest</string>
  <string id="31521">Hintergrundfarbe</string>
  <string id="31522">Eigener Hintergrund</string>
  <string id="31523">lege Hintergrundbild fest</string>
  <string id="31524">lege Ordner für Hintergrund fest</string>
  <string id="31525">sortiere Bezeichner</string>
  <string id="31526">Medien Markierungen</string>
  <string id="31527">Ansehen</string>
  <string id="31528">Info</string>
  <string id="31529">Scrollbalken in Dialogen</string>
  <string id="31530">Scrollbalken in Fenstern</string>
  <string id="31531">Zeit in "jetzt läuft"-Info</string>
  <string id="31532">kleine Scan Dialoge</string>
  <string id="31533">Skin Einstellungen zurücksetzen</string>
  <string id="31534">Setze die Einstellungen dieses Skins auf Standardwerte zurück</string>
  <string id="31535">Bist du sicher</string>

  <string id="31600">Video Einstellungen konfigurieren</string>
  <string id="31601">Dateien stapeln</string>
  <string id="31602">Datenbank Optionen</string>
  <string id="31603">Bildschrim Kalibrierung</string>
  <string id="31604">Abspieloptionen</string>
  <string id="31605">Format der Untertitel</string>

  <string id="31610">Musik Einstellungen konfigurieren</string>
  <string id="31611">Visualisierungen</string>
  <string id="31612">Datenbank Optionen</string>
  <string id="31613">Abspieloptionen</string>
  <string id="31614">Last.FM</string>
  <string id="31615">CD Rippen</string>
  <string id="31616">Karaoke</string>

  <string id="31620">Foto Einstellungen konfigurieren</string>
  <string id="31621">Dateioptionen</string>
  <string id="31622">SlideShow</string>
  <string id="31630">Service Einstellungen konfigurieren</string>
  <string id="31631">Video Modi</string>
  <string id="31632">Trainer Optionen</string>
  <string id="31640">Wetter Einstellungen konfigurieren</string>
  <string id="31641">Städte</string>
  <string id="31642">Regionen</string>
  <string id="31643">Postleitzahlen</string>
  <string id="31650">Netzwerk Einstellungen konfigurieren</string>
  <string id="31651">IP Adresse &amp; HTTP Proxy</string>
  <string id="31652">FTP &amp; Web Server Einstellungen</string>
  <string id="31653">automatische Erkennung</string>
  <string id="31654">SMB Client</string>
  <string id="31655">uPnP Einstellungen</string>
  <string id="31660">System Einstellungen konfigurieren</string>
  <string id="31661">Debug-Meldungen aufzeichnen</string>
  <string id="31662">LED Farben</string>
  <string id="31663">LCD Einstellungen</string>
  <string id="31664">automatisches abspielen</string>
  <string id="31665">Festplattenverwaltung</string>
  <string id="31666">Cache Speicher</string>
  <string id="31667">Video &amp; Audio Hardware</string>
  <string id="31668">Master sperre</string>

  <string id="31670">Erscheinungsbild konfigurieren</string>
  <string id="31671">Skin Auswahl</string>
  <string id="31672">RSS Optionen</string>
  <string id="31673">Auswahl der Region</string>
  <string id="31674">Datum &amp; Uhrzeit</string>
  <string id="31675">Bildschirmauflösung</string>
  <string id="31676">Bildschrimschoner</string>

  <string id="31680">Profil Einstellungen konfigurieren</string>
  <string id="31681">Profile erstellen</string>
  <string id="31682">Profile löschen</string>
  <string id="31683">Einstellungen für Benutzer</string>
  <string id="31684">Profilsperren</string>
  <string id="31690">Systeminformationen ansehen</string>
  <string id="31691">Speicherplatz</string>
  <string id="31692">Hardware</string>
  <string id="31693">Netzwerk</string>
  <string id="31694">Video</string>
  <string id="31695">XBMC Credits</string>
  <string id="31700">Skin Einstellungen</string>
  <string id="31701">Konfiguration der Hauptseite</string>
  <string id="31702">Ansichten der Medien</string>
  <string id="31703">Hintergründe</string>
  <string id="31704">Scrollbalken Anzeigen/Verstecken</string>
  <string id="31705">Einstellungen zurücksetzen</string>

EDIT: updated the translation file
Nice job guys!
I will try to put out a release tonight.
Hi Wir3d,

unfortunately I took a completely outdated version of the strings.xml as source for my translation. After realizing that it doesn't fit at all the displayed strings I reviewed the file and made a complete update. The pasted code in my posting is the updated one.

Sorry for any awkwardness.

Besides that I found it pretty hard to match the right meaning of your strings. You should bear in mind, that grammar works different in other languages but in your code you patch strings together in a way that only fits for english language.

Better way would be to define whole sentences which would be translated then. This would make it much easier to do.

Now I know, that you also rely on already translated strings from XBMC core. Would it be possible to define a string which itself contains a reference to another string, i.e. a nested string definition? Then one could place this nested string wherever it fits best.
I see your point Baerman.
I'm going to revisit or redo the language file before the next release.

I'm sorry to put everyone through all that work for nothing.
Wir3d Wrote:I see your point Baerman.
I'm going to revisit or redo the language file before the next release.
That would be fine. I'll test the nested-string-thing tonight and report the results. If it works, that would make work much easier!
Quote:I'm sorry to put everyone through all that work for nothing.
After all, it's not that much. And after the second translation step, the strings were pretty familiar to me Cool

BTW: I just updated Connected from SVN and the language file grew up by 13 strings plus "headings". Is it work in progress or can I update the translation too? And as deep changes will come, are there any tools for handling those files. By now I use a simple text-editor but integrating changes is pretty hard that way and also challenges failures. There are some nice tools for .po-files but I don't know anything for xml-based translation files.
Using nested strings is as easy as using them in the skin itself, just put the declaration wherever it fits. But as they are referenced by number only you should explain in a comment, what content this results in. This is most important when using strings from XBMC core which are not defined / translated in Connected itself.

One important point I am missing since last update: there is no more option to reload the skin. The only point is to reset the skin settings. Would be nice if you could re-add this option again, as restarting the whole XBMC-thing just for testing a little change in the translation file is pretty ugly.

One addition to translation tools: as already mentioned above, there is a XBMC-translation tool, but this is crap and totally useless in my opinion. First of all it relies on dotnet framework and therefore doesn't run reliable on linux (also the hints in the corresponding thread don't work anymore) and as second part, you can't see any comments in the source file which one would need if the above suggestion about nested strings was realized.
as far as i saw, there is no kurdish language support Smile maybe i should start to translate the whole stuff into kurdish (first xbmc, than the skins) ^^
drtarga: please do Smile

link to the latest versions of the language files:
xbmc english
PM3.HD (xbmc skin)
Confluence (xbmc skin)

how to translate and submit languages and (if you are on windows) use the xbmc translator tool
blittan Wrote:drtarga: please do Smile

link to the latest versions of the language files:
xbmc english
PM3.HD (xbmc skin)
Confluence (xbmc skin)

how to translate and submit languages and (if you are on windows) use the xbmc translator tool

okay mate, i will give it a try Smile at this weekend i should have time for it (if i will not get some visitors)
Do you want the Italian translation? I will make it, if you can...

ooops.... Succo have done it. Sorry for the post.
KymyA Wrote:Do you want the Italian translation? I will make it, if you can...

ooops.... Succo have done it. Sorry for the post.

Hi KymyA,
Feel free to translate them per Blittans instructions. Succo's are outdated.
On a side note, I will be posing another built version tonight or tomorrow.

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