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Manipulate Internet Activity
Doing some research for a friend (XB2IRIS) about something he's working on. Is it possible to manipulate XBMC so that you can access certain features unavailable when not Online/On an XBOX?

Some kind of Offline scraping mission?

Currently, XB2IRIS hasn't got an XBOX/Internet Connection... so certain aspects of the XBMC are unavailable and thus impossible to skin/edit... For Example:

Weather Screen and Info?
Trainer Settings Page?
Game Saves Section?

Just to name a few! Any help on how to create any kinda offline info to get scrapped by XBMC (such as fake weather settings), so we can create a completer skinHuh?

Thanks in advance for ur assistance. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
well Trainer Settings Page, Game Saves Section don't need internet connections but they have been removed from the source code for anything but the xbox version

But as for the question the only window that really needs internet is the weather and no you really can't fake that one without recreating the weather page locally and making a dns entry on your pc to point to the local one
Thats understandable Jezz, guess XBOX users may have to sit on the sidelines then, so I guess there is no way of getting those to open right?

Anyways, anyway to manipulate the RSS feedHuh Like making an RSS xml file and using it to through the feed on the screen. And you have any ideas how to fake a DNS entry, after maybe downloading the actual web page that is scraped?

And on a more personal note. Using an older version of the Windows version of XBMC and on the OSD page, XBMC freezes when trying to access any settings or presets page when opening them via the OSD. Any ideas why this happens?

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