projectM black screen
i don't think it's a question of bad milk files... yesterday i played a film and then played some music and it showed on all presets it could find (it went on for one hour and a half, so many presets Smile )
today no way
yesterday i even tried to install from scratch the xbmcbuntu way on an usb key but i couldn't get the audio to go, so no way (yet) to test smb music
again, what i guess is that there must be something in ubuntu (but not in the xbmc-live) interfering with projectm but i still have to identify it Smile
compiz is disabled right?
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yes, it's even apt-get purged
i succeeded in making projectm work, but i had to do some strange magic Smile
what i noticed is that projectm doesn't show if i start directly the music but (strange but true) shows just fine if i start a video, stop it and then start the music, as if projetctm doesn't initialize the video surface, but i really can't find anything like that on the log i posted some time ago, and, more than that, why should it happen with remote files but not with local onesHuh
i tried it again... start xbmc, go to some music and tab to vis, blank screen... close xbmc, restart it, go to video, start a video, stop it, go to some music, start vis and it's alright... again, i've got no clue Sad
did anyone try the workaround to start a video BEFORE the music?
i'd like to know if it could be confirmed that in 'not working' environment this is caused by the screen not being init (who knows why) by projectM
Hi succo,

Great, you're still investigating this issue. So did I understand correctly, that when:
- you use local files projectM always works fine and
- when using remote files it works, if you start a video previously?

Odd, but really could be the case. ProjectM was working for me the last times I tried (remotely) and I played a lot around with video files the last days. I'll check your workaround in detail when back home (it's just in the morning here and my working day just began Wink ).
I have the exact same behaviour here. it works after starting a video.
projectM also doesn´t work for me with shoutcast but in this case the little trick is not helping...
that's because shoutcast doesn't use paplayer but dvdplayer, and visualizations work only with paplayer Smile
as I can remember other visualizations like spectrum work great with shoutcast ?!?
try to look what are you using for shoutcast, pressing o while playing... it should popup something saying what is happening behind the scenes Smile
Very strange behaviour...
I now tried several use cases:

- projectM never works when playing smb-files, independently of playing a video flie before or not
- but it works on local files. Sometimes directly after restarting XBMC, but also sometimes I get a black screen and if I in this case start a videofile, projectM works after that
- projectM doesn't work with shoutcast streams

I assume that doesn't help very much.... Oo
o_neill, another question... is the video file you're playing on a smb share?
as far as i can guess, somehow projectM could need the video to be initialized from the same (local or remote) source, and this could explain why there is no projectM on shoutcast, as there is no shoutcast video source at all to init the screen
am i completely off targetHuh

edit: i can confirm that playing a local files doesn't make projectM work on smb music... are we going somewhere?
succo, you are so right Smile Wink

To conclude my behaviour:
- projectM works for remote files, if a remote videofile is played before, a local videofile is not enough
- projectM works for local files sometimes
- if it doesn't work for local files, playing a local videofile helps

Crazy stuff Cool
ok, so... do i need to fill a ticket for this or is this investigated by someone? Smile

i don't think i can be any more precise in a ticket as there is nothing strange in the logs, only visualization doesn't work if the screen isn't init from the same source before playing the music (as far as i can guess...)
Same problem here with r23824, ProjectM fullcreen and menu Viz gives a black screen and XBMC reboots after a while if the Viz stays up! Any clues?
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