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I am wondering - Is there no nfo support for album cover art, cd text, folder art? The Wiki is a bit fuzzy there.

Also, I want to provide more than the tbn. thumb and fanart for TV/Movie. Is there a way to provide say ten different images?

(Btw, I have written the Media Reader scrape/editor in case you were wondering why I am asking).
Have you tried exporting a Music Library?
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Not sure what you refer to. Have I tried exporting *from* XBMC or exporting *from* my code? What I would like to do is shove *my* information *into* XBMC via nfo or whatever other means.

I am looking for a general answer. If there is means x or y I will peruse the XBMC code to find out the details but reading it all without a clue is more than I'd like to invest if possible.
You can just name the images properly and they'll be added to the db. All the info is in the wiki.
I could find no such info here:

Where would I look for the info I mentioned above?
Check the "thumbnail" and "fanart" pages in the wiki tell you how to name the local images.
I checked here:

Now, I have a dozen different season wide banners that the user should be able to choose from. I can only supply as season tb, is this correct?

I have a dozen fanart, but can only supply one per movie, correct?
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