"[LINUX] [MAC] [WINDOWS]" simple touchscreen api remote
hello all,

I was reading this forum for a long time but never post anything on it, for two reasons:

-my english is quite bad (I'm french)
-everything on xbmc dev roadmap is 99% perfect (using xbmc as end user is quite easy).

1% not perfect is about controlling xbmc in a complete home theater system.

a lot of stuff are in Development but nothing universal.

using a little touchscreen in dual screen mode or in http api mode will be the most universal we can use.

a simple remote design with traditional arrows, back, enter, menu key will be enough, nothing complicated.

we can find this kind of usb touchscreen for 100$


easy to use and not expensive.

I've no skill in Development unfortunately, may be someone with enough knowledge in xbmc dev is interesting ? Big Grin

regards Wink

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"[LINUX] [MAC] [WINDOWS]" simple touchscreen api remote00